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30.10.2019 Where to taste the real Italian pizza, in addition to Italy?

To try real pizza, not necessarily to go to Italy. In the new guide of the Top 50 Pizzas, stated that this dish is not worse than cooking in the British capital, France and Denmark. This was told in an old Australian publishing house specializing in travel guides for tourists who want to travel for little money.

29.10.2019 Not a single pizza. What may surprise street fast food outlets in Italy

Probably not in the world a man who never in my life have not tried the pizza or pasta. These are true legends streetfood, which today can be found in any state. However, arriving in Italy, you should definitely pay attention to other rare dishes that you can purchase and taste on the street.

29.10.2019 Spanish the secret of life-style happily ever after

Travelers, who at least once in Spain, I noticed two surprising facts – the ability of the Spaniards to fun nights on end and the ability to see happiness in simple things. But it's not all positive skills of the local population. There are 10 abilities in mastering which succeeded the Spanish.

28.10.2019 In which countries can be expensive to enjoy the warmth and the sea in November

This year, the most crowded autumn destination was Turkey. Therefore, the experts decided to find alternative destinations for holiday in November. For example, in Cyprus to swim in. And in the UAE – as always the heat. In the Jordanian Aqaba and Israeli Eilat you can swim in the warm Red sea. At the same time, the trip will be relatively inexpensive.

28.10.2019 Named the most boring European city, according to tourists

The most boring vacation was held in Bratislava, Helsinki and Karlovy vary. So says 1000 travellers, which interviewed experts from the popular service for online booking of tickets.

27.10.2019 On the purchase of "Antarctica", Botox for lips camel and other unique features of the UAE

In the UAE, is the tallest structure in the world – a branch of the Louvre. And then there is the Minister of happiness. Live there and enjoy relaxing on the artificial Islands, conduct a beauty contest of camels, and in the future will be a new "universe". What's the Emirate to choose to travel, where you can see the island Angelina Jolie and where to walk in shorts, will be discussed in this article.

27.10.2019 Kostroma in fairy tales, houses and persons. What to see at the family nest of the Russian tsars

In Kostroma, there are many amazing places, covered with legends and fairy tales that are cherished by local residents. Dairy hill, house of snow Maiden and a feather Santa Claus is really possible to see, having arrived in this ancient city that combines merchant of luxury and rich historical heritage.

22.10.2019 Steamer – good. The aircraft is good. And with a steam better. Why do tourists change planes on a train

Tour operators for Europe in General and Russia in particular, more and more puzzled: why a significant number of tourists prefer to travel by train and not by air?
Classic in its time correctly noted that "mind Russia not to understand". Therefore, the reasons for this situation in our country and abroad have their own reasons.

11.10.2019 In unknown China – direct directly from Moscow

One of the most popular and widespread trends in the system of national tourism is travel to the province of Guizhou. However, this area of the country remains almost completely unknown to foreign travelers, be it the Russians, the Europeans or the representatives of other countries and continents. Recently in Moscow hosted a presentation, during which it was possible to learn a lot of new opportunities to get acquainted with one more page of the history of a great country.

04.10.2019 On a pleasant and useful will tell you the best baths of Europe

Thermal spas have long loved by many. In the upcoming "Christmas" weekend a huge number of tourists go to change the freezing weather on the opportunity to take a little swim in hot water a special water reservoirs. In Europe, these sources there are as many as 7, and they all deserved the description "best".

02.10.2019 France: 100 years ahead. Nervous and impressionable not to read

What awaits humanity in a century? What does not scare scientists, forecasters, astrologers. Reliable or scientific facts threaten the nervous condition of the average resident of planet Earth. Then the shift of the poles, and global warming, which will cause the melting of the ice cover of the oceans. A significant contribution to the approach of natural and weather disasters are making the people themselves, continuing to pollute the environment. What are the consequence for the population? One of the predictions says that more will be felt by France.

23.09.2019 Became known, the thoughts and fears plagued passengers

The experts of the largest access program in the VIP zone of the airports Priority Pass conducted a study to identify the most common fears of air passengers prior to departure. As it turned out, most people are afraid to get stuck in traffic on the way to the airport.

23.09.2019 In Antalya to check the safety of the hotels. What happened?

In the Turkish province of Antalya issued a Directive for hoteliers, which tightens quality control, recreation and security presence of tourists. Verification of compliance with the new requirements of the owners of the hotels will be effected by unscheduled inspections.

22.09.2019 Appeared t-shirt for tourists, which do not need to wash and dry

America has designed a special t-shirt for travellers. It is a long time retains a clean look, not wrinkled, does not smell and dries quickly. The bonus was protection from UV radiation.

22.09.2019 The warmest European countries for October travel. The recommendations of the British experts

Tourist Association of ED (UK) spoke about the best travel destinations in October. The rating included the Turkish Antalya, the Greek island of Crete and others.

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