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08.05.2021 The world's longest suspension bridge opens in Portugal. Tourists are terrified

In Portugal, before the May holidays, the most long-awaited opening of the suspension bridge took place, along which those who like to tickle their nerves have already managed to walk. Some of them shared their impressions of the transition.

06.05.2021 How to start hitchhiking in Russia: simple tips

Hitchhiking allows you to discover new horizons at no extra cost. However, this type of tourism is not only difficult morally and physically, but also involves some dangers. How to prepare for the trip, what to take on the road and how to avoid problems.

05.05.2021 Healthy lifestyle tourism: the best destinations for recreation

With the help of data from popular booking services, the most popular areas of healthy lifestyle tourism were identified in a pandemic. What domestic resorts are in demand among lovers of relaxation in the bosom of nature.

04.05.2021 Vacation forecasts: what awaits Russian tourism in 2021

After analyzing information from many popular booking services, experienced analysts named a number of domestic destinations that will be in demand in the upcoming season. The three winners included Sochi, Crimea and Anapa.

27.04.2021 Fantastic city of Sochi: 4 underrated tourist locations

Despite the fact that Sochi is one of the most popular tourist destinations, there are still many places in the region that will amaze anyone with their beauty. Even sophisticated travelers rarely hear about these little-known locations.

24.04.2021 The most common mistakes of Russian tourists in foreign hotels

The experts pointed out the main mistakes that Russian tourists most often make while resting in hotels. How not to lose face while traveling abroad.

22.04.2021 How Turkey is going to control the COVID-19 situation in the coming season

Turkey expects to stabilize the situation with the coronavirus until early June, so as not to disrupt the opening of the tourist season. Ministry of Health statistics. Expectations are laid on Ukrainian and Russian travelers.

20.04.2021 How to catch the aurora - a guide for the traveler

The aurora or northern lights are a fantastic spectacle in their scale and beauty. However, it is not so easy to see it. Where to go, what to take with you and what factors to consider in order to enjoy the unique natural phenomenon.

18.04.2021 Tourists visiting Malta this year can count on government cashback

On April 9, 2021, the Maltese authorities have announced special incentives for tourists who plan to visit the country in the summer. The purpose of the bill is to improve the economic situation and increase the prestige of resorts. The more a traveler pays for hotel accommodation, the more cashback you can get.

16.04.2021 Vietnam plans to open borders to foreign tourists

Vietnam opens to tourists: dates and conditions of the beginning of the season have been announced. A roadmap has been developed for foreign visitors. It is planned to restore international flights in 3 stages.

09.04.2021 What to see in Cyprus: the best resorts of the island

On April 1, Cyprus officially began to receive foreign guests. This news is a good reason to think about visiting a paradise island. Information about the best places in Cyprus will allow you to plan your trip efficiently.

06.04.2021 New rules for entering Croatia

On April 1, new entry requirements for foreigners came into force in Croatia. There are five ways to enter the country. Read more in the article.

06.04.2021 Fans of exotic holidays were invited to spend six months in the paradise Caribbean

The administration of the island of Curacao offered foreigners to combine business with pleasure and prefer a local tropical paradise to a stuffy office, combining work and leisure.

04.04.2021 Traveling in India: life hacks and useful tips

India is an unusual country that can shock an unprepared European traveler. Simple tips and interesting life hacks will help you avoid unnecessary difficulties and problems.

03.04.2021 First trip to China: a quick guide

China is an amazing country. What is normal for a Chinese can shock the average European tourist. A simple and interesting guide to the Middle Kingdom will help you avoid awkward situations and unnecessary problems.

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