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02.03.2021 Insects for breakfast, boiling water from all diseases and other strange habits of the Chinese

Many tourists who got to China, experiencing a real shock - the reasons for this are more than enough. The way of life, life and traditions of the Chinese are very different from the usual Russian and European travelers. Insects for dessert, all on one person, low prices and other interesting stereotypes.

28.02.2021 10 life hacks from experienced tourists

Travel, like any job, requires some skills and knowledge. However, most of them come with experience. And it is better to learn from other people's mistakes than from your own. Experienced tourists share their knowledge and give useful advice.

27.02.2021 How to relax with children: features and nuances

Rest with children is always an additional limitation and obligation. The child's body is much more sensitive, so everything requires appropriate attention: climate, hotel, food, entertainment, etc.

26.02.2021 Fantastic North: what to see in Karelia in winter

Planning to spend an unforgettable holiday, which will be filled with positive emotions and new impressions, it is worth paying attention to Karelia. It is an area of endless lakes, pristine forests and amazing sights.

25.02.2021 Weekend in Yekaterinburg: the best sights of Ural Chicago

First of all, Yekaterinburg is perceived as a major industrial center. Despite the common stereotypes, the Ural capital will find something to surprise even a seasoned tourist.

24.02.2021 Bus travel: the pros and cons

The cost of bus tours is less in comparison with travel by plane. The trip is budgetary, and the number of seats is much more. Therefore, many tourists prefer this mode of transport.

23.02.2021 Rest in Egypt: where to visit and what to see a seasoned tourist

What is Egypt? These are mystical pyramids, mysterious sphinx, nature reserves with rich nature and unique plants. Egypt is a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences. The amount of entertainment and attractions in this country is incredible, but there are places that should visit every self-respecting tourist.

21.02.2021 First flight: how to behave at the airport

Using the services of the air carrier is the fastest and sometimes the only way to get to the right place. There are experienced travelers who can boast dozens of flying hours and know the device of airports as well as working staff. But what to do, those who have this first flight. What happens in the period between buying a ticket and taking the liner off the ground.

18.02.2021 Thai government proposes working solution to launch mass tourism

Thailand's economy is heavily dependent on the tourism industry. Compared to peak rates, the occupancy rate of resorts fell by 95%. The government is trying to implement innovative solutions in practice to save the industry from ultimate ruin.

17.02.2021 In Egypt found mummies with golden tongues and strange accessories

Archaeologists from the University of The Dominican Republic have unearthed an ancient burial site that can reveal the location of Cleopatra's tomb.

16.02.2021 Bali's popular beaches have become real landfills

Because of the coronavirus, Bali's once popular resorts have been empty for almost a year. Lack of income, the lion's share of which was used to maintain infrastructure, has turned many beaches into landfills.

15.02.2021 Roads of Ukraine: the best routes for fans to travel by car

A car ride in Ukraine is a fascinating and active type of recreation. Going on a trip you need to prepare equipment, choose a reliable vehicle, and most importantly - to think through an interesting and memorable route.

12.02.2021 What the tourism industry expects in 2021

Coronavirus has made many adjustments to the modern way of life and many would like it to return to its former course. The tourism industry was particularly hard hit. Reputable media make predictions about the coming year and all of them are not the most comforting.

08.02.2021 The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 2

Continuation of the list of destinations where you can go on vacation to tourists from Russia. Next are central and southern Europe, Asian countries, Africa, South, Latin, North America.

07.02.2021 The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 1

At the moment, a large number of countries are open, where Russian tourists are allowed. Of course, each direction has its own rules for crossing state borders. One of the most common is the presence of PCR test results.

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