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29.04.2019 Developed a unique tour to Greece for those interested not only sea

For those who want to see in Greece is not only sea and beach but also the amazing historical and architectural monuments, the place where lived the gods of Olympus and heroes of Hellas, there is a unique tour, which will be discussed below.

29.04.2019 One of the objects protected by UNESCO could disappear from the face of the Earth

Archaeologists from Chile said about to risk losing one of the objects of UNESCO world heritage sites – the statues on Easter Island. The reason for the destruction of the unique sculptures is so big flow of tourists.

29.04.2019 For Russian tourists will be available the new visa-free routes to Finland

In Vyborg are going to launch regular shipping routes to Finland. That intention was announced by the company Port Logistic.

24.04.2019 Named 5 of the problems preventing the launch of unmanned air Taxi

Experts talked about the five main technological obstacles that stand in the way of the widespread appearance of a flying unmanned taxi.

24.04.2019 Named wonders of the world, emerged in the twenty-first century

Designers from the UK called the greatest sights on our planet. Among them the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the Olympic stadium in Beijing and the Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan.

03.04.2019 On the Internet appeared an opening for a taster-traveler with a salary of 50 thousand pounds a year

British company is looking for "Director of taste", which will travel to different countries and taste different vegan dishes. For carrying out these responsibilities, the promised 50 thousand pounds a year.

03.04.2019 Named the city for the budget traveler with a leading number of Sunny days in April 2019

The group of analysts of the online portal for travelers Skyscanner called the 10 sunniest cities-resorts APR 2019.

03.04.2019 Named 6 of the most unusual eco-hotels

The most popular accommodation booking: Booking determined that more than a third of travelers (37%) in the coming year will prefer to rest not in the usual hotels or apartments, and choose alternative locations for placement.

27.03.2019 The Russians told how to relate to short journeys

Tourists from Russia shared his impressions about the short-term travel for 2-4 nights.

27.03.2019 Named best resort in the country to buy real estate

According to experts, the unstable situation on the financial market, monetary assets better to invest in real estate. The most profitable real estate to buy in resort towns. Thus it is better to choose a property abroad.

27.03.2019 Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Finland launch a joint tourism project

Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Finland launch a joint project to attract tourists from China, Central Europe and South Korea.

26.03.2019 Turkish foreign Minister announced the opening of entry for Russians without a passport

Turkey and Russia want to resume talks about the possibility of entry internal passports for Russians. According to the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, the simplified procedure of entry to Turkey will allow to increase the tourist flow. Experts have estimated the timing of implementation of this agreement and its possible consequences for the Russian resorts.

16.03.2019 Five exotic countries to visit are dare, not every

Among the presented below is the most extreme locations full of dangers and surprises, where even the most seasoned travelers feel uncomfortable. Not to mention newcomers tourism.

28.02.2019 Published the TOP 5 best beaches in the world

Published TOP 5 best beaches in the world. The rating is produced by experts TripAdvisor every year. When the lists take into account the reviews and comments by site visitors.

26.02.2019 Announced all-Russian competition of video presentations "Miracle of Russia"

Still accepting applications for the national competition-festival "Wonder of Russia". To register as a member before 28 February 2019. This was reported in the organizing Committee of the festival tourism video presentations.

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