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14.09.2020 Entry is prohibited: 6 of the most forbidden places on the planet. Part 2

There are several places with limited access on the planet. Such attractions are inaccessible to tourists, they can be viewed only from afar. The reasons why some locations are forbidden can be very different. But the desire to know what is hidden behind high fences with the inscription "Entry is forbidden" often overpowers common sense. We continue to compile the most forbidden places on Earth, where it is not necessary to fall under any pretext.

14.09.2020 Entry is prohibited: 6 of the most forbidden places on the planet. Part 1

There are almost no places on the planet where no man has ever set foot, but there are those where mere mortals are strictly forbidden to enter. The reasons for the restrictions may vary. Sometimes it is the usual protection of people from danger or preservation of historical monuments, and sometimes secret government information.

11.09.2020 Popular Indian resorts go out of quarantine, but Russian tourists still not

Since the beginning of September, the Goa authorities have removed almost all coronavirus restrictions. The resorts have again earned bars, and to pass the state border test is not needed. But tourists are still not waiting. Why? It will become known from this article.

09.09.2020 Flights to the UAE and the Maldives have been resumed. What does a traveler need to know?

Air traffic has been restored between Russia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Maldives. This was reported on the website of the Russian government on 02.09.2020. The article on what rules of entry into this country are provided for tourists.

09.09.2020 Flights to Egypt have been resumed. What does a traveler need to know?

Communication between Egypt and Russia resumed on September 2, 2020. This is reported on the russian government portal. But before you go on a trip, tourists should know about some nuances and limitations.

01.09.2020 Going to Sri Lanka? Your luggage will not be voluminous

Pearl of the Indian Ocean - Sri Lanka does not have, and does not plan to create a dress code for tourists. The least you can do is the best solution to travel. The tropics of the island have created paradise beaches, where you can sit under huge palm trees, and immediately enjoy exotic fruits.

01.09.2020 The most unusual and amazing mountain lakes. Part 2

Mountain landscapes at all times amazed by its beauty. They were painted by artists, for their sake the peaks were conquered. Particularly noteworthy are the mountain lakes, located in the most unusual places and have unique properties.

01.09.2020 The most unusual and amazing mountain lakes

Mountains are not only walking on winding trails or conquering the peaks, it is an opportunity to enjoy unreal beauty views, and sometimes even to swim. In the world there are such unusual mountain reservoirs, visiting which you can lose your speech.

30.08.2020 Veliko-Tyrnovo is a pleasure for any traveler and holidaymaker. It's got it all.

The "velvet season" for rest is approaching. Doubly pleasant after the lifting of restrictions on movement on the planet. In addition to traditional resort entertainment in widely advertised areas and countries, there are small cozy cities with their own special "highlights". An example would be the Bulgarian Veliko-Tyrnovo.

30.08.2020 Flights to other countries have resumed. Aeroflot announces changes in schedule and rules for exchange and return of tickets

The borders for air traffic between the countries are gradually being reopened. At the same time, sometimes there are situations with the cancellation or postponement of some flights. Passengers are forced to return or change their tickets purchased in advance.

30.08.2020 Unusual guide to Rostov-on-Don

Tourist guides to Rostov-on-Don keep pace with the times. You don't have to hire a guide to get to know the city better. It is enough to have a modern smartphone in your pocket. All the main tourist routes are equipped with zR codes with interesting information about each attraction.

29.08.2020 Winter holidays in Goa. Where and when?

The state of Goa is considered to be the smallest in India. However, it is divided into two parts: North and South. It is purely symbolic, just so convenient to plan a holiday in this land of eternal summer. The rhythm of life, entertainment, the surrounding audience are different, so those who come here in advance plan what daily routine is preferable in their company.

29.08.2020 Rest in Goa in winter. Tips before visiting

The small Indian state of Goa attracts the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere primarily year-round season for recreation. The best beaches in the country, low prices, lots of sun. In the winter months (December to March) almost no precipitation falls.

29.08.2020 Greece has it all. Is that true?

A country with a centuries-old history, extraordinarily beautiful, attractive at any time of the year - Greece. Much here is unique, unique, unique. These are ancient buildings, traditions of the Olympic Games, most of which have survived to the present day.

23.08.2020 New routes on "Land of the Leopard"

Established in 2012 in the Seaside Region, the national park "Land of leopards" is constantly expanding, offering guests new destinations. Unique tourist routes allow you to see rare species of Far Eastern animals nearby.

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