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09.07.2019 How to make a holiday in Turkey a memorable one

Where to relax in the summer? This question refers to the tour operators most of the young people who want activities, sports and extravagant parties. But the same issue is a concern of those who go to a romantic trip to sea, with young children.

07.07.2019 Why in the hotels bed linen in white only

Experts told why hotels use linen exclusively white.

30.06.2019 The search for Nessie, travel in dog sleds and hunting for whales. Things to do in Chukotka

Chukotka is a unique place and reserves, unique natural phenomena and a lasting impression. You can get here for a long time. And the cost of the holiday will cost more than the Turkey. But it's worth it.

29.06.2019 Beaches, monuments, myths about the ancient gods. Things to do in Cyprus

In Cyprus, tourists can relax on pristine beaches, many of which have blue flag, to enjoy the mild climate and excellent service. In addition to beach activities, the island is a popular ski resort that you can get on by sea or by plane. Many will attract a huge number of archaeological monuments that can be seen in different cities-resorts of the island.

28.06.2019 Experts tell how to truly relax while on vacation

In the American psychological Association recently conducted a study, utilizing more than 1.5 thousand respondents, which found that the stress of work and phone addiction prevent to relax while on vacation.

26.06.2019 In Moscow continues to grow interest on the tour of the metro stations

Tour of Moscow metro was visited by more than 2.5 thousand residents and guests of the capital since the beginning of 2019. This was announced on the official website of the municipality and of the city administration.

21.06.2019 The flight attendant told what time of day are less at risk of falling into a zone of turbulence

Flight attendants are advised to choose the morning flights. It is associated not only with less chance of flight delay, but with the fact that on the morning of the aircraft cabin cleaner and thoroughly cleaned.

15.06.2019 List of European countries with the cleanest waters

Almost every beach of Cyprus attracts tourists the purest water. No wonder this state is called a leader on water quality in reservoirs, suitable for swimming. This was reported by the European environment Agency EEA.

14.06.2019 Scientists told about the health risks associated with prolonged air travel

A long flight on a plane can cause severe symptoms that can even occur after a few weeks. The scientists said the effect of poor blood circulation during prolonged sitting position

14.06.2019 Five reasons to go to Portugal in the summer of 2019. Music, cooking and the secret ingredient

The art of music, unparalleled cuisine and one more thing Portugal is the best destination for holiday this summer. It is reported by one of the famous European publications.

14.06.2019 The rating of European cities most suitable for family holidays in 2019

Moscow and St. Petersburg made the list of the best destinations for a family holiday in Europe. This was announced by the experts is a trading company Play Like Mum.

13.06.2019 Named the city for traveling by car where you can make the most beautiful pictures.

Company car rental Eurocar conducted a study of accounts in Instagram, which helped to identify the most popular routes for traveling by car.

29.04.2019 Developed a unique tour to Greece for those interested not only sea

For those who want to see in Greece is not only sea and beach but also the amazing historical and architectural monuments, the place where lived the gods of Olympus and heroes of Hellas, there is a unique tour, which will be discussed below.

29.04.2019 One of the objects protected by UNESCO could disappear from the face of the Earth

Archaeologists from Chile said about to risk losing one of the objects of UNESCO world heritage sites – the statues on Easter Island. The reason for the destruction of the unique sculptures is so big flow of tourists.

29.04.2019 For Russian tourists will be available the new visa-free routes to Finland

In Vyborg are going to launch regular shipping routes to Finland. That intention was announced by the company Port Logistic.

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