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28.05.2020 8 World Heritage Sites added to the UNESCO list last year. Part 1

In 2019, the world organization UNESCO has listed 29 new sites as protected cultural sites. Among them, 8 are the most. Interestingly, one of them is located in Russia.

27.05.2020 A guide to new holiday rules for tourists in the 7 most popular countries

The coronavirus safety measures and requirements that have been introduced in the major tourist destinations are likely to persist throughout the coming summer season. This was reported by experts of the tourist market, who summarized the new rules of behavior abroad in a convenient guide.

26.05.2020 Croatia was one of the first European countries to open its borders to Russians

While the main part of Europe is only thinking about when to open external borders, the Croatian authorities have officially informed that in less than a month Russians will be allowed to enter the territory of the state.

25.05.2020 Georgia resumes destination for Russian tourists

Like European states, Georgia announced the opening of borders for domestic tourism from June 1, 2020. The country is ready to take foreign holidaymakers from June 15, 2020. The head of the Georgian government said that the first tourists who will be able to visit Georgia will be residents of the states and regions of Russia with low prevalence of the coronavirus epidemic.

24.05.2020 An approximate plan to open countries for tourists in 2020 has become known

With the onset of May in all countries of the world began the process of getting out of quarantine (self-isolation) and implementing anti-crisis programs. In Europe, Slovenia, which has already opened its borders, was the first country to report the end of the epidemic. Greece is promised to open (May 25).

24.05.2020 What will replace the two-week reservation (quarantine). Radical government measures

Today, the measures taken against tourists crossing state borders are considered unnecessary. However, Rosportrebnadzor has put forward such requirements to airlines, after which flights even within Russia will become practically inaccessible to our citizens.

24.05.2020 Which destinations for tourists from Russia will be the first to open

Inveterate travelers froze in anticipation of good news about the opening of tourist destinations after the general quarantine on coronavirus. But the leaders of the countries cannot give exact dates of opening of borders yet.

21.05.2020 In June 2020 on the Black Sea coast of Russia instead of resorts will open sanatoriums

The Krasnodar region said that the resort fee will be temporarily abolished, as well as the work of 140 sanatoriums with a medical license. The specifics of rest in such institutions and the restrictions present will be discussed in this article.

13.05.2020 Which Countries in Europe will be open to tourists from summer 2020

Gradually, States that have managed to overcome the peak of the coronavirus epidemic are lifting restrictions. And already this summer, some tourist destinations may open to holidaymakers.

12.05.2020 What drinks are best ordered on the plane, regardless of the direction of the flight

Many, even sitting on self-isolation (quarantine) on coronavirus, do not stop dreaming about when all this will end, and they will be able to go on a journey. Therefore, it is necessary to think now about some nuances associated with the use of air transport.

10.05.2020 New requirements and rules for guests will be introduced in foreign hotels

Despite the fact that there is still a threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection in different countries, different resorts are looking for ways to support the tourism sector. In hotels begins to appear information about strict hygiene measures.

03.05.2020 The rating of the most luxurious trains in the world. Part 2

The continuation of TOP 7 most luxurious trains in the world. Ahead of real Italian luxury, mystery of India, Japanese charm, and the African passion.

02.05.2020 The rating of the most luxurious trains in the world. Part 1

Created the TOP 7 most elegant of trains, where each compartment converted into a Suite and the service at the very highest level. Below is a ranking of the most expensive routes on the railway.

01.05.2020 Early booking of travel for the next year was opened in Russia. Discounts reach 50%

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions introduced, which adversely affected the tourism sector, tour operators opened promotional bookings for the winter of 2020-2021 and next summer.

01.05.2020 Experts predict a rise in travel prices after a pandemic. How can I save?

In the UK, tourism experts recommend starting travel planning before quarantine ends. In this case, the main attention should be paid to the distribution of the budget for the trip.

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