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28.02.2019 Published the TOP 5 best beaches in the world

Published TOP 5 best beaches in the world. The rating is produced by experts TripAdvisor every year. When the lists take into account the reviews and comments by site visitors.

26.02.2019 Announced all-Russian competition of video presentations "Miracle of Russia"

Still accepting applications for the national competition-festival "Wonder of Russia". To register as a member before 28 February 2019. This was reported in the organizing Committee of the festival tourism video presentations.

25.02.2019 Israel is at the peak of popularity among Russian tourists

Over the past year, the number of Russians wishing to visit Israel has increased significantly. This was announced on the official website "Association of tour operators of Russia."

25.02.2019 Unconventional living: what interests the tourists of the XXI century

Modern tourists who pamper hoteliers, harder to surprise. But some owners of tourist business approach to solving this issue with all the creativity. Country houses in secluded corners, huts among the branches of trees, and an authentic terrace attract travelers all the more.

25.02.2019 Best resorts 2019 for observing the Northern lights

Finnish ski resorts are famous not only excellent infrastructure and trails for every taste. Here you can see the Northern lights. Named the best resorts of 2019 where you can go skiing and watch an amazing natural phenomenon

21.02.2019 The Russians will be available to travel on double-Decker trains

In June of this year, Russia will expand the routes of double-Decker trains. Tickets for a new kind of rail transport will only appear at the end of March.

20.02.2019 TOP 10 most beautiful Islands in the world for business and life

Called the 10 Islands and archipelagos, which, according to experts and tourists, considered the most beautiful in the world. Among them the Maldives, the Greek Islands and a few lesser-known winners of the Top.

16.02.2019 Everest closed for tourists

Chinese authorities closed one of the main bases of climbers on Everest in Tibet. The reason for this decision was in the mountains of accumulated trash. Authorities have not named a date for the opening of the Parking lot. Until you can get there only by special document. To clean garbage collect a group of employees and volunteers.

08.02.2019 Sights of Paris in real time

To Your attention 12 of Paris ' main attractions that must visit every tourist, all the attractions marked on the map with the icon "webcam" and is available for viewing in real-time.

29.01.2019 What Miami will delight tourists in 2019

Miami attractive as a resort and as a permanent residence. Museums and parks, magnificent beaches, art centers and indescribable atmosphere of the festival continue to attract tourists in 2019, and many are forced to stay here forever.

29.01.2019 Brussels 2019. A kaleidoscope of experiences for every taste

In Brussels, cozy and very atmospheric city there is always something to see, where to think about high and where to go to have fun from the heart. Amazing art museums, ancient monuments from different cultures and eras and stunning space will make fall in love with this place at first sight.

28.01.2019 A journey on the TRANS-Siberian. What to see in Novosibirsk in 2019

A kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions will give a tour of TRANS-Siberian railway. On the route will go through various cities. One of which will not leave anyone indifferent. It's Novosibirsk - stunning abundance of cultural and scientific institutions, and unique historical artifacts and architectural objects.

28.01.2019 The journey to Vladivostok. What to see in 2019

Vladivostok is a major economic, cultural and educational center in the far East. The city has many unique objects and unique atmosphere that consistently attracts large flows of tourists from all corners of our vast country.

28.01.2019 Where to go on a tour in Russia. Cherepovets - the story of one of the monastery

Modern Cherepovets will find something to surprise the most seasoned travelers. After all, along with the industrial enterprises here have been preserved many unique monuments of culture, history, architecture and monumental art. Special attention here deserves Orthodox churches. And most extensive chronicle has a resurrection Cathedral.

28.01.2019 The rebirth of the Phoenix. What may surprise a modern city of Grozny

The capital of Chechnya - Grozny, repeatedly rebuilt literally from the ashes. But, it seems that every fall has become a new springboard for take-off. Modern Grozny - sample livability, enduring values and enduring spirit.

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