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10.12.2022 Hot winter resorts of the Elbrus region

Among all the ski resorts in the North Caucasus, the Elbrus region has a number of important advantages. In addition to winter sports, amateur skiing from the mountains and traditional sightseeing tours, this region also offers wellness treatments. Thermal springs allow you to take warm mineral baths right in the fresh frosty air when there is snow around.

07.12.2022 Exotic underwater world of the Samara Aquarium

The popularity of the aquarium, relatively recently opened in Samara, is rapidly gaining momentum. Guests from all over the region and from neighboring regions come here to admire the unique underwater world. After all, it is simply impossible for a person to see many inhabitants of the aquarium in real life. And here they can be examined in detail and even photographed, and absolutely free of charge.

03.12.2022 Snowy peaks, Scandinavian landscapes and lavish Caucasian feasts of Adygea

The Republic of Adygea cannot boast of gorgeous sea beaches, mountain peaks beyond the control of climbers and other fashionable attributes of popular resorts. However, the flow of tourists to this tiny southern region of Russia is not drying up, and in recent years has only been growing. The reason is the extraordinary beauty of the untouched nature of the Caucasus and the traditional hospitality of the Adygs.

30.11.2022 Dombay – the heart of the Caucasus Mountains

The small and quiet mountain village of Dombay, hidden from the noisy bustle by the Main Caucasian Ridge, is called the heart of the mountains by local old-timers. The power and unruly beauty of wild pristine nature make this corner of the Caucasus a place of power filled with special life-giving energy. Now it is favored by skiers, but it has not lost its magical charm.

27.11.2022 Sleeping Giants of Kamchatka

The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most mysterious and inaccessible places in Russia. An amazing combination of dense forests, pristine rivers and majestic mountains attract connoisseurs of northern nature and its special harsh beauty. But what is really worth coming here for and keeping impressions for a lifetime are the Kamchatka volcanoes.

16.04.2022 How and when did tourism appear in the world. History of the development of travel. Part 3

In past episodes of the history of the development of world tourism, the periods before the birth of Christ, ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance were covered. This article of the collection will consider the development of travel in the 19th century.

13.04.2022 How and when did tourism appear in the world. History of the development of travel. Part 2

Continuation of a selection of key facts in the history of tourism. Next in line is the Middle Ages, the Grand Tours, the beginning of the 19th century.

10.04.2022 How and when did tourism appear in the world. History of travel development

Tourism, as a hobby, leisure or destination, appeared even before our era. About where and under what circumstances the first travels began will be discussed in this article.

06.04.2022 Interesting statistics. How often do travelers have holiday romances?

Rest is conducive to communication and new acquaintances - this is a fact. Every fifth tourist traveling alone or with a friendly company is not averse to making new friends, and every fourth out of 10 has ever had holiday romances. The most interesting thing is that the pandemic has only intensified this trend.

17.03.2022 The most popular travel destinations in 2022

The organizers of the prestigious award in the field of international tourism have named the best and most popular travel destinations in the coming year 2022. The choice of the majority fell on Dubai. But some other resorts are able to adequately compete with it.

20.02.2022 Light Festival to be held in Sharjah in February 2022

The Sharjah Trade and Tourism Development Authority (UAE) spoke about plans to hold the XI Light Festival. The event is scheduled for February 9-20 this year. Incredible shows will be shown at once on several specially equipped venues. The general theme of the festival is "Echoes of the Future".

18.02.2022 The deepest high-speed railway station was built. She passed under the Great Wall of China

The start of the 2022 Winter Olympics marked the start of another momentous event. It was the launch of the world's first self-driving high-speed train, which is designed to transport athletes and dignitaries between Pectin and the second city of the Games - Zhangjiakou.

16.02.2022 TOP-5 Siberian corners that will give you an unforgettable winter trip. Part 2

Continuation of the selection of the top corners of Siberia, which will give an unforgettable trip. Even if it's a short weekend. Next in line are Lake Chany and the Old landing stages

15.02.2022 TOP 5 Siberian corners that will give an unforgettable winter trip

The equator of winter is over. But some still have not had time to enjoy this truly magical time of the year. And, by the way, the lands of Siberia reveal the beauty of winter best of all. Where even for local residents, familiar places in the winter season are transformed beyond recognition.

14.02.2022 Naruto and Shikoku All about the birthplace of giant waterfalls

Japan has a lot of unusual natural phenomena, one of which is the famous whirlpools. Their highest concentration is observed in the water area near Naruto. That is why the Japanese consider Naruto the birthplace of whirlpools. The maximum diameters of these mesmerizing phenomena are reached in the spring months.