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Morocco online - State in the extreme west of North Africa

“West is west, east is east,” said the great English poet Rudyard Kipling. However, there are exceptions to this rule, known to those who start watching Morocco webcams online. An amazing kingdom is located on the border of east and west. The Arabs call it the "Extreme West" (Al-Maghrib), but for Europeans it is the east, approaching the very borders of Spain and the shores of Gibraltar. Part of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and its other shore is the stormy and impatient Atlantic. Once Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, roamed the skies over Morocco, delivering mail and contemplating its pristine nature.

Part of the country is occupied by the little-known, but beautiful, Atlas Mountains.

This mountain range in northern Africa cuts through the entire Maghreb region. They separate the Sahara Desert from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Even the name "Atlantic" comes from this mountain system, which, in turn, got its name from the ancient Greek titan Atlas or Atlanta, on whose shoulders the sky rests. Likewise, the bottomless blue of the West African sky rests on the shoulders of the Atlas Mountains. They stretched for 2500 km through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Their highest peak, Toubkal, is located in the central part of Morocco and has a height of 4167 m. The main population of the mountains is the Berbers.
The words "Adrar" and "adras" mean "mountain" in some Berber languages. And they believe that they are somehow connected with the toponym Atlas. (Therefore, it is not known what comes first, the mountain or the mythological titan, the grandson of Uranus and Gaia). The climate in the mountains is mostly cool, but in summer it is sunny and the average temperature is 25°C. The desert region contrasts sharply with the mountains.

Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive landscapes of the country of Morocco is the desert.

There are two main deserts in Morocco: Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga. Both are part of Western Sahara, which covers most of the continent. The Erg Chebbi Desert is located in the southeastern side of Morocco, near the city of Merzouga. It is there that the majestic sand dunes are located, whole mountains of sand, and their height reaches 150 meters. One of the favorite activities of tourists is to climb the dune and walk along its crest. The Erg Chegaga desert is located in the southwestern part of Morocco and is the largest in the country. The dunes here are even higher, they reach 300 meters and stretch for almost 40 km in length. From the prospect of participating in an expedition on SUVs or ATVs through such a landscape is breathtaking. Sandy frozen "tsunamis" as high as a 20-story building only look motionless. In fact, the desert lives and breathes, and its nights are illuminated by the purest scattering of constellations that seem especially close here.

The climate in the Moroccan deserts is arid and extreme.

The air temperature during the day can rise to +50°, while at night it sometimes drops to +5°. There is practically no rainfall in the desert, which is why vegetation and water bodies are extremely rare here. The best time to visit the deserts of Morocco is spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October). During this time of year, temperatures are not as extreme and travel will be more comfortable.
Finally, the third wealth of Morocco is its cities. Far from the hustle and bustle, exotic Tangier reveals its secrets to adventurers. Here, time, with a painter's brush, draws on the canvas of history unprecedented compositions full of wild harmony. This city had a significant impact on European culture, and it is not known what more: literature or painting. The French artist Eugene Delacroix once compared the light of Tangier to a glass of wine, which, pouring through the eyesight, instantly intoxicates. The city became a muse for the expressionists Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and even touched Picasso. It is worth imagining sparkling white houses, like a beehive, clinging to the hillside, falling to the sea. It will immediately become clear that the artist, greedy for bright colors, will not be able to pass by.
In addition, Islam, Christianity (largely through the contribution of the Portuguese and French) and Judaism are closely intertwined in Tangier. Not surprisingly, the city has become a source of inspiration for George Orwell, Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs and other famous writers. For example, one of Burroughs' most famous novels, Naked Lunch (or Naked Lunch), was written in Tangier. American literature classic Paul Bowles lived here for 52 years. One day he went alone to Western Sahara to write his novel Under Cover of Heaven.
The history of Tangier is full of exciting intrigues. For almost the entire first half of the 20th century, the city was part of the so-called International Zone (before Morocco annexed it under the banner of fighting colonial oppression). At that time, secret agents, daring adventurers and aristocrats looking for thrills converged here. Not bad material for a writer.

To sip a cocktail of various experiences, it is worth watching Morocco webcams online.

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