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Want to know what the city lives? Look at its main square, where it is always lively. This will help you webcams areas online, which are installed in different parts of the world and in the cities of our country. Immediately, several security cameras installed in Sevastopol. By launching these free broadcasts, you can see the Lazarev Square, the Square named after General Zakharov, the Square of the Insurgents, the area of the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet and the area of ​Neustroyev. Watch in real time the nature of the Crimean peninsula, many species will delight you with the stretch of the Black Sea to the horizon. In Sevastopol, squares are always crowded, clean and solemn.

Of course, we could not do without the webcams installed in Red Square, in the capital of our country. Not everyone was lucky to take a walk on the main square of the country, so this broadcast is among the most popular. Red Square is located along the northeast Kremlin wall. The streets, which originate here, branch out and pass into the key Moscow highways leading to different parts of Russia. On the legendary Square adorn the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, Lenin's Mausoleum and place of a place. To the south ,one can see the St. Basil's Cathedral. Red Square is paved with paving stones, on which pedestrians walk. The movement of vehicles is prohibited for 55 years. The total length of this attraction is 330 meters, with a width of 75 meters.

Look at the station square of Chelyabinsk and Revolution Square. Immediately beyond the wide highway y,ou can see an elegant architectural complex, which is located in the central part of a million-plus city. All mass events of Chelyabinsk are held here. In the foreground stands the monument to V.I. Lenin, skillfully carved out of marble. Behind it is a small square, the highlight of which is a fountain. The architectural ensemble is crowned with a whitish building of a drama theater.

Turn on the London webcams to see Trafalgar Square, named after the victory of the British fleet in 1805 under Trafalgar. This is a historically significant place in central London, in the heart of which stands the figure of Admiral Nelson, crowning a large column. See how, from time to time, demonstrations are held here and rallies are held. A rather motley architectural ensemble looks, nevertheless, very harmoniously.

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Webcam online opens a view of the intersection of streets Omsk - Khanty-Mansi in the city of Nizhnevartovsk. Nizhnevartovsk city in Russia - the administrative center of the Nizhnevart district of the Khanta-Mansi Autonomous Region, is located in Western Siberia and is located in a picturesque place, which is sure to visit every tourist.
Nizhnevartovsk, Russia 22.11.20
Web camera overlooking the intersection of Omsk - Khanty-Mansi streets
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Online webcam broadcasts the city square in the city of Megion. The town square is a place for public events and celebrations. Megion is a small town in the Tyumen region of HMAO-Ugra. The settlement is located in the center of Western Siberia, the place where the Mega River flows into Ob.
Megion, Russia 14.11.20
Web camera in City Square
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A webcam online overlooking Ermakova Street in Tulun. We can also observe the building of the Municipal BudgetAry Educational Institution "Gymnasium" from the angle of the webcam. Tulun is a small town in the Irkutsk region, located on the Ie River, 369 kilometers from Irkutsk. The area of the settlement is 134 square kilometers.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Gymnasium on Ermakova Street. Toulon in real time
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The online webcam broadcasts the Emirates Air Line station - Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. The Emirates Air Line in London was built in 2012 for the Summer Olympics and has been very popular with tourists and residents ever since.
London, England 06.10.20
 Emirates Air Line. London's webcams online
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The web camera online in real time broadcasts the Station Square in Maikop. Maikop is the center of Adygea, "wedged" in Kuban from the south. The largest diameter of the settlement (with suburbs) - 10 kilometers, the same number is characterized by the number of its attractions.
Maykop, Russia 02.10.20
The station square. Mykopa webcams online
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A web camera online in real time overlooking Liberty Square in The City of Dobrich. The town of Dobrich is located 42 kilometers north of Varna. By Bulgarian standards, it is quite large, located at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level. The town of Dobrich is located in the Danube hilly plain on the Dobrudzhan plateau, on both banks of the small river Dobrichka.
Dobrich, Bulgaria 15.09.20
Freedom Square, Camera No.3. Dobrich's webcams to watch online
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A web camera online overlooking Liberty Square in Dobrich. The north-east of Bulgaria is not only an amazing landscape, but also the largest agricultural region in the country. The capital of "Golden Dobruji", as these lands are also called for their high fertility, is the city of Dobrich.
Dobrich, Bulgaria 15.09.20
Freedom Square, Camera No.2. Dobrich's webcams to watch online
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Webcam overlooking Gateway Square in Macau, in the direction of the tunnel. Formerly a Portuguese colony and now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Macau offers world-class casinos and hotels with sparkling lights. Travelers love Macau's combination of Las Vegas glitz and fascinating history.
Macau, China 12.09.20
Gate Square (關閘 廣場). Macau webcams online
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Online broadcast from Freedom Square in Dobrich. The town of Dobrich is located among the Dobrujan Plateau in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. The city is located 512 km from Sofia, 51 km northwest of Varna and 37 km southwest of the border point with Romania - Zhovkovo. The city is the regional center. The city is the capital of the Golden Dobruji, the breadbasket of Bulgaria.
Dobrich, Bulgaria 07.09.20
Freedom Square. Dobrich's webcams to watch online
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The web camera broadcasts Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk in real time. Kirov Square is the central and main square of the capital of Karelia - the city of Petrozavodsk. The square is home to monuments of 18-19th centuries and a small square.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Kirov Square. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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The web camera broadcasts the Transport Square online - the unofficial colloquial name of the transport ring just north of the Square South at the junction of the streets of Krasnoarmey, Kiev, Akhimov and Elizarov. It is located in the Kirov district of Tomsk.
Tomsk, Russia 16.08.20
Transport square. Tomsk webcams online
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Web camera online from South Square in Tomsk. The south square is one of the main squares of Tomsk. The southern square is a major transport hub, and several city buses, trams No. 2, 2A, and 4, trolleybus No. 3, and a trolleybus and a tram ring are running out on the square.
Tomsk, Russia 16.08.20
South Square. Tomsk webcams online
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The web camera broadcasts online B'rgerweide, the area for events in Bremen such as fairs, concerts, Osterviz or Freimarkt. The ancient German town of Bremen is located about 60 km from the North Sea coast on the banks of the Weser River, a little west of the Jutland Peninsula.
Bremen, Germany 02.08.20
The area of B'rgerweide. Bremen's webcams online
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A live webcam shows Munich's Central Square in Germany. Munich's central square Marienplatz) is located in the old part of the city at the intersection of its main axes - the East-West axis, between the gates of Isator and Carlstor, and the South-North axis, between the zendling gate and the broken 19th century Schwabinger Gate.
Munich, Germany 06.07.20
Central square. Munich webcams online
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The web camera is broadcast live in real time by Lug Teresa in Munich, Germany. Theresine Meadow, or Lug Teresa (German. Theresienwiese is a 42-hectare open space located in the centre of Munich, in the Ludwigsforstadt-Isarforstadt district, south of the central station and 2 kilometres south-west of the centre of Munich, Marienplatz.
Munich, Germany 06.07.20
Theresien Meadow. Munich webcams online
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This webcam will help you to see the main square of Moscow. Red square is a complex of attractions included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Stream shows St. Basil's Cathedral, Spasskaya tower with chimes, and a fragment of the mausoleum of Lenin.
Moscow, Russia 01.09.16
Red square. Panoramic web camera online
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The camera is located on Prospekt Mira in the city of Chernihiv. The camera shoots TRK Mega Center. Prospekt is the main street in Chernigov. Its the beginning of the prospect takes from the red square, passing through the centre and Victory Boulevard in the city of Chernihiv.
Chernigov, Ukraine 04.11.14
Prospekt Mira TRK Megacenter web camera online
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Maidan Nezalezhnosti, who had a long history and symbolizes the freedom of the nation. Soul heart of Kiev. Rallies and events, concerts and celebrity performances have been held on the Maidan. With the help of web cameras, you can observe all the events occurring in Kiev.
Kiev, Ukraine 08.02.18
Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the Central square of Kiev web camera online
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Webcam with a view of the theater. Shchorsa, located on red square of Chernigov. Here is the intersection of prospect Mira and street Shevchenko, Hetman Polubotko and Trunk. In this area of the city is Musical-drama theatre. Shevchenko, Regional administration, Regional Federation of trade unions, several hotels and cafes, a spacious square. Popudrenko.
Chernigov, Ukraine 25.08.16
The Red Square Of Chernihiv. View of the theater. Shchorsa.
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Trafalgar square – the heart of London. This is the main venue of celebrations, rallies, and other events. The area is surrounded by high architectural buildings and monuments in the Central parts of the square.
London, England 06.10.13
Trafalgar square. London in real-time
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Stavropol, Caucasian region, is located on the hills of the Caucasus mountains, on the river Tashla at the top of his mouth. Web camera shoots Lenin square, where is also located the Board of of the city and Stavropol, Lenin's monument.
Stavropol, Russia 19.10.13
Lenin square, Stavropol webcam online
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