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Webcams of South Korea online - landscapes of East Asia

The webcams of South Korea, which this site offers to watch online, reveal views of a prosperous and distinctive state located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Its other name, the Republic of Korea, refers to the state political system established in 1987 after the change of several dictatorship regimes.
Despite the prolonged military conflict with neighboring North Korea and constant political crises, the South Korean economy has developed rapidly since the middle of the 20th century. This country, like its Asian neighbors Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, has made a real economic leap in development.

The rich history, unique culture and amazing nature of South Korea are an inexhaustible source of new impressions.

Tourism is one of the central directions of the state's economic development and a stable source of income for a large part of local residents. The geographical position of the country in the zone of temperate continental climate and surrounded by three seas of the Pacific Ocean provide an endless stream of tourists at any time of the year. In the hot summer months, local beaches are in demand, which are arranged along the entire coast and on numerous islands. The most popular South Korean summer resort is Jeju Island.
The real attraction of this mysterious Asian land is given by magnificent mountain landscapes, numerous spurs, sea coves and mysterious caves that occupy the eastern half of the Korean peninsula. These places are deservedly considered one of the most picturesque on the planet. Ancient monasteries and pagodas are hidden from the noise of the city by dense forests. On the shores of mountain rivers and lakes, original small villages live, religiously observing age-old traditions. The natural beauties of South Korea are declared national parks and reserves, they are carefully protected by the state.
In the winter months, the East Korean Mountains, stretching along the coast of the Sea of Japan, open their popular ski resorts. By the way, they also function in the summer, but already as sports and wellness centers.

If you watch South Korea's webcams online, you are invariably impressed by the amazing combination of many historical sights of old cities and the modern architecture of modern megacities.

Many monuments of South Korean history and culture are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should start exploring the sights of this country from its main cultural and economic center – Seoul. The capital of the Republic of Korea is located on the banks of the Hangan River, and its history dates back to the XIV century with a small settlement. The most historically valuable part of the city is located on the right bank of the river. The old City is famous for its five palaces of the era of the Joseon state – the so-called Korea until the XVII century. The National Museum of Folklore and Royal Relics has been opened in Gyeongbokgung Palace. The most beautiful palace in Seoul is considered to be Changdeokkun, but the magnificent buildings of Toksukun, Gyeonghikun and Changyeongkun also deserve attention.
The unusual Dongdaemun City Gate, which is also an example of the unique Joseon architecture, has long become a recognizable symbol of South Korea all over the world.

The Korean House is especially popular among the guests of Seoul – theatrical performances and dinners for guests are regularly held here.

A close acquaintance with the amazing culture of South Korea and tasting dishes of national cuisine leave an unforgettable impression.
It is interesting to visit the Nyangjin City Market and the archaeological site in Amsadon Park, where the site of primitive people was found. With children, it is worth visiting the Grand Park Seoul Entertainment Center, where the world's largest zoo and the famous Seoul Land amusement park are located.
Not far from the South Korean capital there is a special demilitarized zone of separation of two rival states – the city of Panmunjom. Negotiations between representatives of North and South Korea took place here and a military truce was signed.
Another place rich in historical sights of South Korea is the city of Suwon. Here you can see the Hwaseong Fortress, dating from the XVIII century, and the magnificent royal garden. The ancient Yuvagan pavilion has also been preserved, at the walls of which a colorful performance is held daily especially for tourists – a ritual changing of the guard. In the fortress itself, guests are offered to test themselves in archery or light a signal pipe on the fortress wall.

If it is not yet possible to visit this amazing country, the webcams of South Korea, which you can watch online even from home, will give you an unforgettable virtual tour.

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Seoul webcam broadcasts a view of the train station. An incredible panorama of the city opens up before the beholders, with ultra-modern skyscrapers, roads, and shopping centers. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Seoul, Republic of Korea 26.10.23
View of the station. Seoul webcams
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Seoul webcam with a view of the famous Banpo Bridge. The lens covers the crossing of the Han River, the adjacent panorama of the city with incredible skyscrapers, and a landscaped coastline. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Seoul, Republic of Korea 24.10.23
View of the Banpo Bridge. Seoul webcams
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Seoul webcam with a view of the famous Namsan Tower. This TV tower is a local landmark. It is surrounded by a park of the same name. Yejang-dong Platform BRT Station is nearby. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Seoul, Republic of Korea 18.10.23
Namsam Tower. Panorama. Seoul webcams
45 0
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