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Are you also inspired by the majesty of the mountains, their inaccessibility, and primitive beauty? Especially for you, we have created the section “Mountain webcams online”, where you can enjoy the mountain scenery in real time. These are amazing mountains located at different points of the Planet - snow-capped peaks, glaciers, rocks, cliffs, volcanic formations. And unforgettable views of the countryside, which open from these heights.

Pay attention to the mountain webcams installed in our country. Mountain landscapes of the Crimea for a long time inspired famous poets, writers, and artists. That only is the Belbek valley, which has concentrated many attractions. This is a beautiful monument of nature, which is located in the Bakhchisaray district, along the highway to Yalta. See how regal this canyon looks like, surrounded by steep cliffs. There are peace and strength, harmony and mystery. And let there be no dynamics in the mountain broadcasts, but they have their own charm and charm.

In this category, we also collected the most successful types of Krasnaya Polyana. Today, almost all residents of Russia know about this small village located in the Krasnodar Territory. It is a Sochi resort, surrounded on all sides by high mountains, which at the time of the 2014 Olympic Games became a key venue for holding competitions in biathlon, bobsled, luge, skeleton, freestyle, snowboarding and other winter sports. It was here that the famous mountain cluster and the corresponding infrastructure was located, it was here that the burning battles unfolded and Olympic medals were awarded.

After enjoying the views of the Krasnodar Territory, turn your attention to the mountains of Abkhazia. The legendary Gagra will open to your gaze a huge mountain and a ridge adjacent to it. This Mamzyzka, whose height is 1873 meters above sea level. An impassable green massif covers almost the entire mountain, except for the summit. Due to strong winds, only grass can grow here. Three seasons in a row, this mountain hides under the snow, opening routes for climbing in jeeps and horses for only a few months.

And, of course, we broadcast the highest mountain peak of our country - Elbrus, which rises to 5642 meters above sea level. This Caucasian giant invariably attracts tourists from all over the world. The two-headed mountain is located along the border of the republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. Being a cone of an extinct volcano, Elbrus is considered one of the seven natural wonders of Russia.

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Online broadcast from Mount Faito, 1092 meters above sea level, the length of the cable car 2945 meters. Travel time - 15 minutes one way. Pure mountain air, microclimate with temperature difference relative to the sea 5-6 C.
Naples, Italy 08.10.20
Live webcam on the La Faito cable car in Naples
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Webcam online from Sofia - from a weather station located in Khladilnik, with panoramic views of the mountain range Vitosha. Khladilynik is a small area of Sofia located in the Losenetsky district. The town is bordered by the Losenets district to the north, the South Park to the west, the Vitosha and Krastov Wada neighborhoods to the south, and the Sofia zoo to the east.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
Webcam online from Sofia - from the weather station in Khladilynik.
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An online webcam with panoramic views of the Vitosha mountain range. Vitosha is the most significant of the mountains of the Plansk-Saval mountain system. The highest peak of it - Cherni-Vrykh (2290 m) puts Vitosha in fourth place among the mountains of Bulgaria. Vitosha is the cradle of Bulgarian mountain tourism.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
Vitosha Mountain Range. Sofia's webcams online
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Webcam located on the roof of the cafe "Baikal serpentine" in the village of Kultuk, the web camera views of highway R-258 and a beautiful view of the lake Baikal.
Irkutsk, Russia 24.02.20
Cafe Baikal serpentine. Webcams Kultuk online
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Web camera in real time displays the panorama of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak. Victoria peak is the highest point on Hong Kong island, the mountain is located in the Western part of the island and named after Queen Victoria.
Hong Kong, China 23.01.20
Victoria Peak. Webcam Hong Kong online
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A webcam broadcasts the mountains of Santa Catalina (Santa catalina mountains) in the state of Arezon, located North of Tucson in Pima County. Santa Catalina luxury - part of the National forest reserve.
Tucson, USA 20.01.20
The Mountains Of Santa Catalina. Web camera online Tucson
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Webcam broadcasts check point Villa in the city of Medellin, located high in the mountains. Medellin is the second largest city of Colombia and capital of Antioquia. It is located in the Central part of the Andes in the valley of Aburra.
Medellin, Colombia 13.01.20
Kontrolno checkpoint of the Villa. Webcam Medellin online
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From this webcam overlooking the city of Athens. Webcam located on mount Pentelikon, altitude 1107 m above sea level. The second highest mountain in Attica after Parnis. Located 23 kilometres North-East of Central Athens square Omonia, in the North-Eastern part of the Athenian plain, which limits together with Egaleo, Parnisa and Imitom. About 60-70% of its surface is covered with forests.
Athens, Greece 07.12.19
City view with mount Pentelikon. Webcam Athens online
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Web camera in real-time translates the ski resort of Sestriere, the view from the mountain top of Monte Fraiteve. Sestriere is an Alpine village, the resort's Central ski area "milky Way" in Italy. Located near the border with France at an altitude of 2035 m.
Sestriere, Italy 03.12.19
The mountain top of Monte Fraiteve. Webcam Sestriere online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts mountain scenery in the suburbs of Turin. Stream is conducted with the support of the Association of mountain inhabitants and the magazine "Vivere la montagna".
Turin, Italy 21.11.19
Mountain landscapes. Webcam Turin online
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Christchurch is the largest city on the South island of New Zealand with a population in 2006 of more than 345,000. It is located on the edge of the Canterbury plains and is an important starting point for touring the South island.
Christchurch, New. Zealand 28.09.19
The center of the city. Webcam Christchurch online
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The webcam shows a panorama of the resort city Anapa of Bald mountain near the village of su-PSEH. Anapa is a resort city located on the coast of the Black sea, at the junction of the greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula, 53 km North-West of Novorossiysk and 360 km from Sochi.
Anapa, Russia 30.11.18
Mountain Bald. Webcam Anapa online
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Mount Ararat, the sacred symbol of the Armenian nation, is located on the territory of modern Turkey. From 1828 to 1920 Ararat belonged to the Western part of Armenia. After a heavy Armenian-Turkish war by the Treaty of Kars on the Armenian Shrine world left for Turkey.
Yerevan, Armenia 15.12.17
Mount Ararat. Webcams Yerevan online
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Webcam shows Belbek valley and the way to Falcon, AI-Petri, Yalta.
Bakhchisarai, Crimea 30.06.17
Belbek valley. Yalta webcam online
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Camera is on the Green mountain near the ski resort Sheregesh, a few kilometers South of the famous mountain Mustag. Height over sea level 1270 m. In the language of the Shors, the top name sounds like "Caritel" and means "edge ridge".
Sheregesh, Russia 06.03.16
Top mountain Green web camera online
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Mount Ararat, the sacred symbol of the Armenian nation, is located on the territory of modern Turkey. From 1828 to 1920 Ararat belonged to the Western part of Armenia. After a heavy Armenian-Turkish war by the Treaty of Kars on the Armenian Shrine world left for Turkey.
Yerevan, Armenia 15.12.17
Mount Ararat. Webcams Yerevan online
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Gubałówka is a first - class ski resort, which reaches a height of 1123 meters, is located in the North-Western part of the Polish town of Zakopane. Side Gubałówka is the most mountainous settlement in Poland Ząb where is the Western limit of the mountain Butorowy Wierch.
Zakopane, Poland 20.03.14
Gubalowka Mountain. Zakopane web camera online
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The web camera is located in the ski resort "Chimbulak", which rises to 2.3 km above sea level, near the city of Almaty. This tourist complex is surrounded by extremely picturesque landscapes of the gorges of TRANS-ili Alatau. The territory belongs to the Ile-Alatau national Park.
Almaty, Kazakhstan 23.01.16
Ski resort "Shymbulak" web camera online
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Webcam shows a view of the landing station of the cable railway "Conservation des" in the ski resort Rosa Khutor located in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. The height of the plateau above sea level is 1170 m. the Camera was installed on the building of a child care.
Sochi, Russia 05.11.15
Roza Khutor Plateau web Cam online
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The camera is located in the ski resort Gorki Gorod, located in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. This all-season resort, offering many entertainment, sports and tourist facilities. This review covers the ski run and bypass the station and the roll-out of the restaurant the Snow. Height over sea level of 1600 m.
Sochi, Russia 18.11.15
"Gorki Gorod" web camera online. Mark 1460 m. the Area of the bulging.
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The view from the web camera facing the resort village of Krasnaya Polyana, near Sochi. Camera swivel. It alternately displays different tourist and sports facilities built for the winter Olympic games 2014. Here you will see the splendid buildings of the luxury hotels of the Olympic village, surrounded by unique landscapes.
Sochi, Russia 18.11.15
Krasnaya Polyana webcam online ● Panoramic camera
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