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Do you like to watch the animals and do not want to embarrass them with your eyes? Especially for you, we created the category “Live webcams online”, where we regularly post funny videos with various pets. Call to the screen of children, it will be interesting! To start, look at the cat's shelter located in Santa Rosa (USA). It is called "SNAP Cats". It contains only elderly cats and cats with disabilities, which require close attention and special care. Look at the love with which people treat pets, how the living space is arranged. In the Vietnamese shelter "Hanoi Pet Rescue" also contains cats. It is interesting to observe how they interact with each other, play and frolic.

In a private shelter "Take a Friend Home", which is located in eastern Romania, the city of Bacau, live dogs. The webcam is aimed at the local area where pets often walk. The name of the shelter is translated as “Bring a friend home,” and there are more than two hundred adult dogs and several dozen puppies at the same time. In the shelters of the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) there are about a dozen cameras. Pay attention to how clean and tidy these establishments are. Animals feel very comfortable. Some cats, like squirrels, twist a wooden wheel, others sleep peacefully in wicker baskets and plush pillows, and others look thoughtfully through the windows, bathing in the sun.

There are video broadcasts from Russian orphanages on our website. For example, "Forest Shelter", located in Moscow. The Charitable Fund for Helping Animals, organized in 2009, is responsible for him. On the territory of this shelter live homeless, abandoned and sick animals, which by agreement with the administration can be visited. "Forest Shelter" promotes responsible and humane attitude towards animals. The webcam is installed in a wooden hut for cats and looks at the multi-story structure for their rest. Pets peacefully coexist with each other, despite the close proximity.

Washington's shelter for dogs strewn with toys and has a bright interior. His pets do not have to be bored. They now and then start playing with a ball or "fighting" with rag dolls. Very cute puppies constantly share something and do not know peace.

Webcams broadcasting the life of animals will be regularly replenished, because interest in them is only growing.

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An aviary with penguins at the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in real time. Hungary's third largest city, Szeged, is located on both sides of the Tisa River. Thanks to the abundance of sunny days, Szeged is called the "Sunny City."
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
Papuan penguin. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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A webcam with an enclosure with a small white lion at the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo. Szeged is located in Central Europe. It is the third largest city in Hungary, located on the southeastern Hungarian border south of the mouth of the Maros River on both banks of the River Tisa. Szeged is about 171 km south of Budapest on the M5.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
A little white lion. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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A web camera online broadcasts an aviary with giraffes in Szegedi Vadaspark. Szeged is one of the main tourist centers in Hungary, which previously had the glory of a wellness resort, and now attracts guests with its modernist architecture.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
Aviary with giraffes. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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Online broadcast from the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in Hungary, a webcam broadcasts an aviary with gray wolves. The 45-hectare zoo is located in a forest area 2.5 km from the center of Szeged. The city of Szeged in Hungary is the third largest in Hungary. In the world it is best known for the paprika and salami produced here, as well as the luxurious cathedral.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
An aviary with gray wolves. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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An online webcam shows the observation deck of the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in Segeda. From the perspective of this web camera we can observe feeding animals, giraffes, zebras. In the green zone of the zoo there are more than 600 animals belonging to 140 different species.
Szeged, Hungary 10.05.20
Szegedi Vadaspark zoo observation deck. Seged's web camera online
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A real-time web camera broadcasts an aviary with white lions at the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in Segeda. Segeda zoo - located on 45 hectares in a wooded area just 2.5 km from the city center.
Szeged, Hungary 10.05.20
White lions. Szegedi Vadaspark. Seged's web camera online
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Szeged Zoo online, webcam from the Siberian Tiger enclosure. The Szeged Zoo has more than 600 animals belonging to 140 different species.
Szeged, Hungary 20.04.20
Siberian tiger. Szeged Zoo webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts the Szeged Zoo, an enclosure with Gibbons. Szeged webcams online. In 1989, Szeged joined the ranks of cities that can boast of a zoo.
Szeged, Hungary 20.04.20
Szeged Zoo, Gibbon. Szeged webcams online
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George H. Carroll Lion Habitat is the climate control area of 12 764 sq Ft (1185,8 m 2 ), located on the campus of the University of North Alabama that houses the only two live mascot Leo III and una.
Florence, USA 29.01.20
George H. Carroll Lion Habitat. Webcam Florence online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts - seal nursery "Zeehondencrche Pieterburen" — research center for rehabilitation and breeding seals. Is Pieterburen, the village community De-Marne in the North of the Netherlands in the province Groningen.
Groningen, Netherlands 24.11.19
The seal nursery "Zeehonden Creche Pieterburen". Webcam Groningen online
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Webcam in real time broadcasts the nest of the White Stork in Berlin, Germany.
Berlin, Germany 05.10.19
The Nest Of The White Stork. Webcam Berlin online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts bird Peregrine Falcon (lat. Falco peregrinus) — a bird of prey of the Falcon family, widespread in all continents except Antarctica. The size of the grey crow, is a dark, slate-gray plumage of the back variegated with light belly and a black top head and black moustache.
Boston, USA 04.10.19
Peregrine Falcon -a bird of prey of the Falcon family. Webcam Boston online
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Webcam in real time will broadcast a birds nest Osprey. The osprey is a bird of prey, common in both hemispheres, the only representative of the family scopinich (Pandionidae). A large bird of prey with a length of 55-58 cm, with a wingspan of length 145-170 cm
Boston, USA 04.09.19
Osprey - a bird of prey. Webcam Boston online
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Zoo Miami in Florida (also known as Miami Metro Zoo and The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens) is one of the most interesting parks in the world. Today zoos is not only entertainment complexes involving wild animals. The idea of zoos envisages maintaining the living collection of the rare wild animals threatened with extinction in their natural habitat.
Miami, USA 25.08.19
Zoo Miami . Webcam Miami online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of elephants in the Budapest zoo. Budapest zoo (Budapest Zoo) - one of the oldest zoos in Europe, it was founded in the capital of Hungary in 1866.
Budapest, Hungary 25.05.19
Elephants at the Budapest zoo. Webcam Budapest online
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Located in the heart of the Aberdare range in Central Kenya. The Park is located about 100 km North from Nairobi and has a variety of landscapes as the altitude of the Park varies from 2100 m to 4300 m above sea level.
Nairobi, Kenya 19.05.18
National Park Aberdare. Panoramic web camera online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of elephants in the Budapest zoo. Budapest zoo (Budapest Zoo) - one of the oldest zoos in Europe, it was founded in the capital of Hungary in 1866.
Budapest, Hungary 25.05.19
Elephants at the Budapest zoo. Webcam Budapest online
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Charitable Fund of assistance to homeless animals "Forest shelter" began its work in August 2009.
Moscow, Russia 17.01.17
Moscow "Forest shelter" web camera online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of elephants in Aberdare national Park, located in the heart of the Aberdare range in Central Kenya.
Nairobi, Kenya 27.04.19
Elephants. National Park Aberdare web Cam online
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Non-governmental organization Sayramskogo shelter started its work in 2005, in order to reduce the excessive number of stray animals in finding new homes for stray cats on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia.
Kuressaare, Estonia 08.02.17
Animal shelter public organization "SAAREMAA LT"
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Webcam Zoo in Moscow online, real-time, open-air cage with polar bears. Today in the Moscow nursery three adult polar bears - two females and a male, only one of them was born here, in captivity, the other two were brought from the Wrangel island and Chukotka, when those left without parents.
Moscow, Russia 09.10.16
The Moscow zoo. Polar bears web Cam online
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