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Did you miss winter activities, snow-capped peaks, and steep descents? Especially for you, we created the category "Webcams of ski resorts." Who knows, maybe our round-the-clock video broadcasts will help you choose a new vacation spot - with the right landscape, weather, and infrastructure. Our webcams are installed in various locations around the world. & Nbsp; Of course, we have not forgotten about the domestic ski resorts, the number, and level of which is constantly growing.

If you enjoy a family vacation, pay attention to the Russian ski in Gorokhovets (the city of Vladimir region). This resort has a memorable name - "Puzhalova mountain." Well-groomed tracks, professional instructors, first-class equipment are just some of the advantages of the ski resort in Gorokhovets. Here there will be entertainment both for beginners and pros - 16 tracks of various difficulty levels, with a total length of over four kilometers. In addition to skiers, "Puzhalova Gora" warmly welcomes fans of snowboarding, tubing, sleds, biathlon, and snowmobiling. Watch the resort in the dark, the tracks are equipped with spectacular lighting, which, together with the music will not let you get bored.

If we talk about foreign complexes, it is worth noting the webcam of ski resorts in the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Austria. Snow-covered mountain landscapes of European countries will not leave you indifferent. For example, the magnificent ski resort of Zell is See, which is located on the territory of Salzburg. Winter beauty of this region beckon snowboarders and skiers from around the world. The season starts here in September and lasts until June. Nine months of active leisure and entertainment at 138 kilometers of excellent ski slopes. Spectacular descents seduce fans of extreme sports, for which we, in turn, will be so interesting to watch.

Rate the slopes of the ski resorts located in the neighboring republics - Armenia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. It is interesting and useful to watch the "neighbors" because on occasion it is the fastest to get to the resorts of the CIS countries.

We chose the most successful views of the slopes, where there is always a lot of light and visitors. Watch our ski resorts webcams online at any convenient time of the day, with or without sound, comment on what you see and evaluate the quality of the broadcasts. Together we will create a rating of the most popular webcams and will improve our resource day by day!

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Severodvinsk webcam is located on the territory of the Ski base. The lens covers a large area with places for uniforms. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch professional skiers, as well as amateurs who are just mastering winter sports.
Severodvinsk, Russia 24.09.23
Ski base. Webcams Severodvinsk
2 0
Webcam of Severodvinsk overlooking the Ski Stadium of the local ski base. The lens covers a vast area of the complex, surrounded by dense forest. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch the rest and athletes.
Severodvinsk, Russia 21.09.23
Ski stadium. Webcams Severodvinsk
4 0
Bardonecchia webcam overlooking one of the ski slopes of the complex. The lens covers a wide panorama with a beautiful view. The broadcast is updated every few seconds. You can also manage the review manually.
Bardonecchia, Italy 29.06.23
Chesal 1805. Ski resort. Webcams Bardonecchia
17 0
The webcam of Maykop is located in the village of Kamennomostsky, where a popular resort is located. The lens covers a picturesque view of the tourist complex, with gazebos, restaurants, hills and trees. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Maykop, Russia 28.06.23
The Lago-Naki plateau in Kamennomostskoye. Maikop Webcams
26 0
Bardonecchia webcam with a view of the stunning panoramas of the popular Italian ski resort. The lens is aimed at the majestic mountain slopes and allows you to cover a wide viewing angle. The broadcast is updated every few seconds. Manual review control is also available.
Bardonecchia, Italy 26.06.23
Ban. Ski resort. Bardonecchia Webcams
14 0
The Yaroslavl webcam is located on the territory of the Podolino ski resort. The lens covers one of the equipped descents. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 18.06.23
Podolino ski resort. Camera 1. Yaroslavl webcams
10 0
Webcam overlooking the popular Italian resort of Bardonecchia. Thanks to the online broadcast, you can observe the territory of the complex, enjoy beautiful panoramas. The broadcast is updated every few seconds. Manual control available.
Bardonecchia, Italy 17.06.23
Pian del Sole. Overview of the ski resort. Webcams Bardonecchia
8 0
View of one of the ski slopes on the territory of the Podolino complex in Yaroslavl. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can remotely observe what is happening, even if it is not yet possible to visit the resort in person.
Yaroslavl, Russia 15.06.23
Ski resort Podolino. Camera 3. Webcam Yaroslavl
10 0
View of the ski lifts and the slope of the famous Italian resort of Bardonecchia. The broadcast is transmitted in real time, so everyone can monitor the current situation, admire the scenery from anywhere in the country and the world, feeling full presence.
Bardonecchia, Italy 10.06.23
View of the lift and the slope. Bardonecchia Webcams
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The webcam is installed on the territory of the Campo Smith residence belonging to the famous ski resort of Bardonecchia. The overview covers a picturesque area that amazes the eye at any time of the year. The broadcast is transmitted online.
Bardonecchia, Italy 08.06.23
Ski resort. Campo Smith residence. Webcams Bardonecchia
10 0
The Yaroslavl camera is broadcasting what is happening on the territory of the Podolino ski resort. The lens is aimed at one of the tracks, surrounded by a picturesque area. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 07.06.23
Ski resort Podolino. Camera 2. Webcams of Yaroslavl
11 0
The webcam broadcasts a view of the Rocky Mountains of Canada from the Canmore Nordic Centre ski complex. The real-time broadcast allows you to view a picturesque panorama, observe what is happening and, possibly, determine the direction for a future vacation.
Alberta, Canada 27.04.23
Canmore Nordic Centre. Albert's Webcams
35 0
A camera with a view of the descent for tubing of the Sorochany ski resort in the Moscow region. Thanks to the high-quality video signal, as well as real-time broadcasts, everyone can watch the vacationers of the complex, as well as admire the surrounding views.
Kurovo, Russia 25.04.23
Tubing in Shirts. Kurovo Webcams
19 0
The Kurovo webcam is located on the territory of the Sorochany resort complex in the Moscow region. The ski slopes fall into the lens. Thanks to the real-time broadcast, everyone can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a popular sports resort.
Kurovo, Russia 22.04.23
Slope No. 3 in Sorochany. Kurovo Webcams
20 0
The webcam is located at the Canmore Civic Center in Canada. The lens covers a well-groomed street and a roadway with an adjacent park. Picturesque mountain peaks flaunt in the background. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Alberta, Canada 21.04.23
Cam Center Canmore Civic Center. Albert's Webcams
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Stavanger, a town in the commune of Norway, located in the South-Western part of the country, on the Peninsula, rich in minerals. Tanager combines the influence of foreign organisations such as NATO and oil companies. The camera will shoot the harbour and the promenade of the city.
Stavanger, Norway 03.11.13
The Harbour Of Stavanger. Web camera online
110225 1
Sultanahmet or Blue mosque is a work of art of Turkish-Islamic architecture. Its construction began in 1609, the construction work took seven years to a 19-year-old Sultan. The name of the mosque was, due to its interesting and unique finish.
Istanbul, Turkey 08.02.14
Sultan Ahmet Camii in Istanbul (Sultanahmet) web camera online
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A webcam broadcasts the district of Tosmur - quiet location in the Eastern part of Alanya, located only five kilometres from the city centre. Its rural way of life and the beauty of untouched nature attract tourists.
Alanya, Turkey 10.11.18
TOSMUR. Webcam Alanya online
83980 2
Shark Island or in English of Shark island, located in the harbour city of Sydney, the suburb of Point Piper. The locals, the natives named the island Boambilly, which translated means Shark island. After all, this name is not casual, because it's mean and looks like a shark fin.
Sydney, Australia 31.10.13
Shark Island Sydney web camera online
78835 8
Cronulla Point is a great suburb of Sydney, famous for its beaches and service. There are plenty of interesting activities, one of which is surfing. Due to the large waves coming from the Pacific ocean, this place lures people to ride on the Board.
Sydney, Australia 31.10.13
Cronulla Point. Sydney web camera online
52993 1
The webcam is installed on site Alva. Tsaghkadzor ski resort town in Armenia. Tsaghkadzor is a beautiful mountainous area among deciduous forests, with a pleasant winter climate, and clean fresh air. The highest point is 1800 meters. The truss type is a classic, divided into three.
Tsakhkadzor, Armenia 18.01.14
Tsaghkadzor. Ski descent
40921 0