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We invite you to see the overview webcams of cities in Russia and the world. These are free video broadcasts that are available to our users in real time. Survey webcams are installed in the most lively places of Russian cities - in squares and intersections, in airport terminals and near major shopping centers. This is a great opportunity to observe the real life of cities and their inhabitants, look at the main streets, alleys, and avenues. Admire the architecture, nature, learn the features of weather conditions.

Среди многочисленных прямых видео трансляций, представленных в данной категории, обязательно найдется место, где вы уже были или мечтаете побывать. Особенно интересно наблюдать за родным городом, его буднями и развитием. С помощью обзорных веб-камер можно лучше узнать столицу нашей Родины. Обзорные веб-камеры в режиме «онлайн» транслируют различные уголки Москвы. К примеру, павильоны конгрессно-выставочного центра «Сокольники» и Новодевичий монастырь.

Web cameras of St. Petersburg are traditionally among the most popular video broadcasts of our site. There really is something to see here: the legendary Nevsky Prospect, Gostiny Dvor, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge across the Neva, Vasilyevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace Bridge and Vosstaniya Square. One attraction replaces another, how beautiful this city is!

To transfer from the Russian winter to summer, turn on the observation cameras of the resort cities of Australia. The picture is just fascinating, and if you add more sound! Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney hospitably open their magnificent beaches for our viewing. See how the big noisy waves of the ocean now and then try to curb the brave surfers. Colors of local landscapes cannot be erased from memory. Golden sand, bright blue sea, lush green plants. Tale in reality!

It is interesting to observe the life of American cities because the neighborhoods of many of them are well known to us from Hollywood masterpieces. Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Washington. On the streets of these cities, something is constantly happening, the cameras are constantly being heard by passersby.

Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands - all these cities have professional webcams installed so that you can take a virtual trip at any convenient time. 

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The web camera broadcasts live broadcasting online overlooking the intersection of Lenin-Busalov streets in the city of Lahdenpohya.  Lahdenpohya is a small district centre in Karelia. According to the results of archaeological excavations, people inhabited the region 2,000 years ago. And by 1323 these lands became part of the Novgorod Republic.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 18.02.21
Crossroads of Lenin - Busalova streets online
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The camera broadcasts a live broadcast overlooking the pedestrian crossing on the street in the city of Lahdenpohya. Lahdenpohya, a small town in Karelia, is the administrative center of the Lahdenpoh district. It is located on the Aura Yoki River (a river named Aura) where it flows into Ladoga.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 17.02.21
Pedestrian crossing on the street of the city online
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The camera broadcasts the view of the intersection of Lenin-Kalevala streets in the city of Kostomuksha. Kostomuksha is Karelia's youngest city: officially it is thirty years old. The population is about thirty thousand people. The city is located in the northwest of the country, the distance to Petrozavodsk is almost five hundred kilometers. But to the border with Finland - thirty.
Kostomuksha, Russia 30.01.21
The crossroads of Lenin - Kalevala streets
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Online camera opens a view of the Prospect of miners in the city of Kostomuksha. Kostomuksha is a mining town located near the finnish border, near the Finnish commune of Kuhmo. Translated from Karelian" means "revenge, retribution, reckoning." The city is small, its center is located very compactly, walking through Kostomuksha will take no more than half an hour.
Kostomuksha, Russia 29.01.21
Pedestrian crossing on Miners Avenue
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Online webcam opens the view of the intersection of Lenin Street - Pervomaiskaya in the city of Kostomuksha. The city is located in the north of the West Karelian hill, the distance to Petrozavodsk - 490 km, the distance to St. Petersburg - 930 km, the distance to Moscow - 1430 km, the distance to Murmansk - 850 km.
Kostomuksha, Russia 29.01.21
Crossroads of Lenin Street - May Day
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The webcam is online overlooking the intersection of Lenin Street and Mira Street in Kostomuksha. In 1946, an iron ore deposit was found here. In the 70s its development began, and in 1977 on the map of the USSR there was a village of urban type Kostomuksha. It quickly grew into a real city - on May 1, 1983, the villagers became citizens.
Kostomuksha, Russia 27.01.21
Crossroads of Lenin Street - Mira
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The camera broadcasts live from International Street in Kostomuksha. Kostomuksha is a small town in the north of Karelia, cozy and very beautiful, as if growing up in the middle of the forest. Karelian pellet company. The nature around Kostomukshi is fantastic! Every year the tourist flow to Karelia in general and to Kostomuksha in particular becomes more and more.
Kostomuksha, Russia 27.01.21
Pedestrian crossings on International Street in Kostomuksha
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The camera broadcasts a live broadcast of the intersection of October and International streets in the city of Kostomuksha. The city was actively built in the 70s and 80s, there are also panels, also a typical development and wide avenues. But Kostomuksha is unlike any other young Soviet city.
Kostomuksha, Russia 25.01.21
Crossroads of October Street - International
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The panoramic webcam is located in Yumbo Centrum (El Centro Comercial Yumbo) in the tourist town of Maspalomas with more than 200 shops and restaurants, as well as nightclubs and discos. The city of Maspalomas is one of the Costa Canaria tourist complexes. It is Maspalomas - the largest tourist area in the Canary Islands.
Gran Canaria, Spain 22.01.21
Yumbo Center, web camera in downtown Maspalomas
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The webcam of the city of Sochi, panoramic views of the city and the "Dubler of the Resort Avenue" from the side of Donskoy Street. Sochi is a resort town located on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region.
Sochi, Russia 10.01.21
Panoramic web camera with a view of the "Dubler resort avenue"
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The webcam is located on the administrative building number 1 on the Fair Descent. The camera broadcasts high-quality video around the clock, and you will be able to monitor the traffic interchange in the area of the Central bus station and the tram stop "Square Vokzalny" at any time.
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine 08.01.21
Kurchatov Street in the area of the bus station
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To your attention, a panoramic webcam online in the center of the city of Temins, a view from the building of the Municipality. Timmins is a small town in Canada, located in Ontario, north of Toronto. Its history begins in 1912. Nature here is great, a lot of interesting attractions, so for tourists Timmins is a good place to holiday.
Timmins, Canada 08.01.21
Panoramic web camera in the center of the city of Temins
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The web camera broadcasts online the intersection of Mount Royal Avenue and Fullum Street, located in the Lorimir area of the Plateau-Mont Royal area of Montreal. Montreal is one of the most beautiful and colourful cities in Canada. It is located in the province of quebec, where 90 percent of the population speaks French. It is the second largest settlement in the country.
Montreal, Canada 04.01.21
Intersection of Mount Royal Avenue and Fullum Street
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The web camera broadcasts online circular traffic in Montreal, a city in Canada, located in the southwestern part of the province of quebec. Montreal is canada's second largest metropolis (after Toronto) and the largest city in Canada. The only official language in Montreal is French, despite the significant presence of the English-speaking population.
Montreal, Canada 04.01.21
Online webcam broadcasts circular motion in Montreal
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Live broadcast of Mount Royal Avenue Mount in Montreal, Canada. Montreal occupies three-quarters of the island of Montreal, the largest of the 234 islands of the Oshlaga archipelago, one of three archipelagos located at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River.
Montreal, Canada 04.01.21
Mount Royal Avenue Mount
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Vorkuta is a town located in the far North of Russia in the Republic of Komi, on the Western slopes of the polar Urals, on the river Vorkuta. The name of the city of the Komi language translates literally as "Many bears" or "Bear's corner". The camera shoots Lenin street.
Vorkuta, Russia 02.11.13
Lenin Street. Vorkuta webcam online
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Web camera in real time broadcasts to a public transport stop in the neighborhood of meadow, Irkutsk. The neighborhood of meadow is located in the heart of the neighborhood Sinyushina mountain.
Irkutsk, Russia 10.03.20
The Neighborhood Of Meadow. Webcam Irkutsk online
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Web camera in real time broadcasts the streets of the Colombian capital of Bogota. The capital and largest city of Colombia, the administrative center of the Department of Cundinamarca.
Bogota, Colombia 14.12.19
The Colombian capital. Webcam Bogota watch online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of the embankment of the river Suir in the Irish city of Waterford. The Shur river originates on the slopes of Devils Bit mountain, in the County of North Tipperary and flows in a southerly direction to the border with Waterford, and then the channel turns to the East and connecting with the rivers barrow and Nore flows into the Celtic sea.
Waterford, Ireland 04.11.19
Quay. Webcam Waterford online
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Shark Island or in English of Shark island, located in the harbour city of Sydney, the suburb of Point Piper. The locals, the natives named the island Boambilly, which translated means Shark island. After all, this name is not casual, because it's mean and looks like a shark fin.
Sydney, Australia 31.10.13
Shark Island Sydney web camera online
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Lorne – Australia is a wonderful place with its fresh sea air, white sand beaches and the arts community, the nearby Otways and its relaxed atmosphere, Lorne attracts tourists for over a century. The web camera captures a lovely view of the beach and sea.
Melbourne, Australia 31.10.13
Lorne web camera online
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