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Shkolny, 2. Baikalsk webcams


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The Baikalsk webcam, installed at Shkolny, 2, is a window into the world of everyday life in the city.

The broadcast is carried out in real time, allowing you to observe events and changes on the streets of the city.
Our unique streaming service, which allows you to watch Baikalsk webcams online, will allow you to plunge into the magic of Eastern Siberia without leaving the comfort of your home. This corner of Russia, where nature has preserved its pristine beauty, and history and modernity intertwine, is now available for virtual walks thanks to the technology of interactive cameras.

The city of Baikalsk, located on the southeastern coast of Lake Baikal, at the foot of the Khamar Daban mountain range, is the pearl of the Siberian region.

Its ski resort, known as the Siberian Courchevel, impresses with its variety of slopes and high-quality service. Relaxing here is not only a sporting pleasure, but also enjoying incredibly clean air and picturesque views.
No less famous is Garnet Beach with its unique reddish sand, which gives the shore a special charm at sunset. And the strawberry festival in Baikalsk, which personifies the hospitality and goodwill of local residents, every year attracts not only gourmets from all over Russia, but also those who want to touch the real Siberian tradition.
With the help of online surveillance, the Baikalsk webcam, which you can watch online on our website, provides a unique opportunity to see these and many other places. The introduction of real-time video technology allows anyone to connect to the live broadcast at any time and plunge into the atmosphere of this amazing place.

Our website provides access to webcams 24/7, thanks to which you can watch in real time weather changes, the amazing nature of Lake Baikal, and even monitor activity on the ski slopes.

All this is available without registration, completely free and does not require the installation of additional programs or applications.
Using the street view function through the camera, you can discover Baikalsk from a new side, be it a quiet walk around the city or picturesque views of nature. Live webcams allow you to create the effect of presence, even when you are thousands of kilometers away from this incredible place.
If you are eager to discover unexplored corners of Russia or are planning a trip and want to get to know Baikalsk in advance, our webcam service will make your adventure fun and easy.

Watch online webcams of Baikalsk, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this amazing place, find out the weather conditions or simply enjoy the beauty of Siberian nature, now it’s easy with our service.

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The Baikalsk webcam in the Eco-park “Lake on Snezhnaya” offers a stunning view of Lake Skazka. Enjoy the privacy and beauty of this place while watching its picturesque landscapes right from your home. The broadcast is carried out in real time, allowing you to become part of this magical world, wherever you are.
Baikalsk, Russia 18.06.24
Eco-park Lakes on Snezhnaya. View of Lake Skazka. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam, located at Gagarin, 188, immerses you in the daily life of local residents, showing one of the entrances. This is an ideal opportunity to witness the small details of city life. The broadcast with sound is carried out in real time, giving a clear picture of the working days and weekends of the city.
Baikalsk, Russia 17.06.24
Gagarina, 188 facade 3. Entrance. Baikalsk webcams
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The panoramic webcam of Baikalsk near the Breeze shopping center offers an exceptional opportunity to observe the lively atmosphere of this part of the city. See in real time how visitors spend their time.
Baikalsk, Russia 16.06.24
Breeze shopping center. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam, installed on the street Gagarina microdistrict, 12, provides a view of one of the central streets of the city. Watch city life live, watching the movement of people and transport. Real broadcast time gives you the opportunity to feel the pulse of the city and keep abreast of all events.
Baikalsk, Russia 15.06.24
Gagarina, 12. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam on Gagarina, 167 offers a view of one of the city’s parking lots. Monitor vehicle arrivals and departures in real time, capturing the movement and activity of that area. This live broadcast of everyday city life comes with sound.
Baikalsk, Russia 14.06.24
Gagarina, 167. Parking. Baikalsk webcams
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The panoramic webcam of Baikalsk, which allows you to see the view from the cafe of the Sobolinaya Mountain ski resort, invites you to enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery at an altitude of 900 meters. Witness in real time the beauty of nature and the changes in weather that give this place its special charm.
Baikalsk, Russia 13.06.24
Mount Sobolinaya. View from the cafe, 900 m. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam on Gagarina, 199, in real time, gives you the opportunity to watch everything that happens on one of the city’s busiest streets. This is an ideal way to learn more about the urban environment and its inhabitants without leaving your home.
Baikalsk, Russia 12.06.24
Gagarina, 199. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam reveals the wonderful beauty of Mount Sobolina. See real-time views of the Flat and Learning Slope, immersing yourself in a unique world of natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.
Baikalsk, Russia 11.06.24
Mount Sobolinaya. View of Pologaya and the training slope. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam on Gagarin Street, 35 provides a unique opportunity to monitor the life of one of the central streets of the city in real time. Observe the everyday activities and walks of the townspeople, and you will be able to feel part of this community, even if you are hundreds of kilometers away.
Baikalsk, Russia 10.06.24
Gagarina, 35. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam on the Gagarin microdistrict, 205 offers a beautiful view of the Park of Arts. Streaming with sound in real time, you can enjoy live cultural scenery and fascinating events.
Baikalsk, Russia 08.06.24
Gagarina, 205. Park of Arts. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam in the Gagarin microdistrict, 171 allows everyone to witness the daily life of city parking lots. Watch our live stream and see what a typical day is like in the area.
Baikalsk, Russia 07.06.24
Gagarina, 171. Parking. Baikalsk webcams
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The Baikalsk webcam broadcasts houses at Gagarin, 201 in real time, giving everyone the opportunity to plunge into the life of the area. Keep track of events without leaving the screen of your device, observing the dynamics of everyday life. Webcam with sound.
Baikalsk, Russia 06.06.24
Gagarina, 201. Baikalsk webcams
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