The most popular travel destinations in 2022

The most popular travel destinations in 2022 According to a recent study, Dubai has become the hottest destination for travelers in 2022, overtaking the famous London, Paris and Rome to take the lead. Many experts argue this with the World Expo 2020.

The second position is occupied by the famous British capital. On the third - oddly enough - Cancun, which this year managed to bypass even the famous Bali.

Fifth place went to Greek Crete. And the great Rome is now located only in 6th place. Cabo San Lucas is next, followed by Istanbul. The penultimate place was taken by the French capital. And the Egyptian Hurghada closes the TOP-10.

The founders of the Traveler's Choice Award, who conducted this study, argue that Dubai has been slowly but surely moving to the top of the ranking for several years.

Still would. After all, the hyper-modern city has everything for a luxurious and most unforgettable vacation, from golden beaches, fashionable restaurants and the best hotels on the planet. And ending with stunning nature, original traditions, first-class service.

Although the tourism sector has suffered significant damage in the past three years due to restrictions on travel abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been Dubai that has been able to attract an unprecedented number of travelers from all over the planet over the past year.

The only thing Dubai is inferior to is the opportunities for gastrotourism. For modern travelers, Italy and its ancient capital are still the best in this regard. At the same time, lovers of pampering their stomachs come here not only from all over Europe, but also from other countries and continents.

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