Interesting statistics. How often do travelers have holiday romances?

Interesting statistics. How often do travelers have holiday romances? Recently, a popular hotel booking service conducted a survey in which 2,000 respondents took part. So, 3 out of 10 people have ever invited complete strangers to drink or dine together on vacation. And every fifth traveler went on vacation, hoping to make new friends. Also, 12% of those surveyed changed their travel plans in order to get to know new fellow travelers better. Real holiday romances were started by 4 out of 10 people. At the same time, 13% of all respondents specifically chose places of entertainment and "party" locations in order to make new acquaintances.

Among the respondents, as many as 27% noted that they added new acquaintances they found on vacation to social networks. And 26%, upon returning home, invited their resort acquaintances to visit.

It is also interesting that the pandemic has contributed to an even greater rapprochement of people. This was stated by the director of the public relations department, which works on the service. Now, more than ever, travelers are striving to build relationships with others, even strangers, and choose cozy hotels to stay. Chatting about something by the pool or at the bar, getting lost together in an unfamiliar city, and even flirting with hotel staff - now people have the most need for this.

The study also showed that 45% of adult tourists believe that traveling alone is the best way to make new friends. This is confirmed by information from the service itself, where the number of search queries for single rooms (in particular from residents of the UK) has increased by 11% over the past couple of years. Also, many Britons (about ¼) after the start of the pandemic prefer to choose vacation spots that are conducive to communication. Among those surveyed, 1/3 want to be more diligent in starting conversations with new people by the pool, and slightly less - 27% try to choose organized tours where you can spend time with unfamiliar tourists.

Also, in a recent survey from the OnePoll service, it turned out that 49% of respondents consider hotels to be an excellent place for new acquaintances, where a bar (51%) or a pool will be the best location for flirting and communication.

In addition, the service experts identified the cities and countries where new acquaintances most often occur. TOP-5 are occupied by Ibiza (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Amsterdam, Sydney, Las Vegas.

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