Vyborg - a unique monument of the knightly Middle Ages

Vyborg - a unique monument of the knightly Middle Ages In 2023, the city of Vyborg celebrates its 730th anniversary. The city will meet this solid date with buildings preserved from ancient times, cobblestone pavements and unique architectural monuments. All the main attractions of the small provincial Vyborg can be seen in a one-day tour, but there will be a lot of impressions.

Vyborg is popular with tourists due to its beautiful urban architecture and magnificent landscapes of northern nature. The history of the city, which began in 1293, is also interesting. In their next trip to the Karelian peninsula, the Swedes founded a stone citadel on the coast of the Gulf of Finland they had chosen. The name Vyborg, meaning in Old Swedish - "Holy Fortress", appeared at the same time. During its history, rich in military events, the city has repeatedly passed from one subordination to another. The battles and sieges were put to an end by Peter I in 1710, when Vyborg, together with the Principality of Finland, was conquered and became part of the Russian Empire.

The architectural monuments of this unique city embody the very course of history. As well as an amazing mixture of opposing cultures - ancient European and Russian. Topping the list of attractions is the Vyborg Castle - the very first stone fortress that has been preserved in its original form. The symbol of Vyborg is the tower of St. Olaf, a Christian saint and famous king of Norway, located in the castle. Initially, it was a regular tetrahedral prism, but in the 16th century it was reconstructed.

No less remarkable is the only Lutheran church in the city - the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, built in 1799 in the style of classicism. The majestic building survived hard times. These are two wars and the Soviet era, when a dance club was organized in the temple. After several restorations, the cathedral is functioning again: both religious services and organ music concerts are held here.

It is simply impossible to visit Vyborg and remain indifferent. A variety of architectural and natural attractions invariably attracts tourists and connoisseurs of beauty to the city.

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