Light Festival to be held in Sharjah in February 2022

Light Festival to be held in Sharjah in February 2022 The organizers of the annual festival of light in Sharjah said that this year's event will present unique and updated music and light programs, which will be used in the future to highlight architectural landmarks and unique modern objects.

The festival was announced at a press conference, which was jointly organized by several municipalities of the UAE - Sharjah, Hamriya, etc. The statement was made in the presence of Khalid Jassim Al Midf and the head of the State Administration for the Development of Trade and Tourism.

The organizers of the festival noticed that thanks to this activity, it was possible to achieve an increase in the reputation of the municipality as a place for the implementation of events of the highest level that attract guests from all over the world. Naturally, this creates favorable conditions for the promotion of the Emirate as an international tourist center. This was also stated by Khalid Jasim Al Midfa himself.

The festival of lights (light) in Sharjah this year will include as many as 10 incredible light and music shows that will be held in different parts of the Emirate. In 2022, programs will be implemented at the Al-Majaz Quay, the University City Hall (a trade zone will also be organized here), the Academy of the Holy Quran, Sharjah and Al-Nur mosques. Also, the festival will be held in the municipality of Hamriya, and in several other locations.

A huge number of people are working on holding the annual Sharjah Light Festival. The main part of them is occupied by artists who, with the help of light, color and music, create amazing compositions that are projected onto the facades of the buildings of the most famous architectural sights. Such an action leaves neither adults nor children indifferent. In addition, various creative activities, scientific and cultural events are held within the framework of the festival. Shows take place in the evening and gather a huge audience.
travelers from all over the world. The number of people wishing to see a fabulous show often exceeds 500 thousand people.

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