How and when did tourism appear in the world. History of the development of travel. Part 3

How and when did tourism appear in the world. History of the development of travel. Part 3 With the beginning of the development of the shipping company, new opportunities opened up for travelers. In particular, more seaside resorts have been built to make them more accessible to middle-income citizens.

With the advent of the industrial boom, western directions also opened up. Many began to move en masse from large cities to the periphery, to villages, closer to nature. After all, the psychological and physical stress had to be compensated for in some way. The choice of travelers fell on the countryside, picturesque provinces with their leisurely way of life, aesthetics and tranquility.

Among the key moments in the development of tourism and travel of the XIX century, it is worth noting:

an increase in business trips, followed by leisure tours due to the rapid development of railway construction;
- travel arrangements by Thomas Cook, etc.;
- the beginning of the active development of the tourism business in Europe, which was initially associated with business tours;
- the invention of photography, which served to increase the number of flights abroad;
- the formation of the first hotel chains, which were built by railway companies;
- the growing popularity of seaside resorts as places for simple pastime, as well as elite recreation and gambling;
- development of all kinds of routes, the growing popularity of ski resorts, mountaineering;
- opening of direct sea routes between North America and Europe, as well as India, the Far East.
Also during this period, a real cult of guidebooks began, which was then replaced by photography - artistic, documentary, amateur.
To be continued…

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