Dombay – the heart of the Caucasus Mountains

Dombay – the heart of the Caucasus Mountains The village of Dombay is located on a clearing surrounded by gorges of three rivers in the foothills of Karachay-Cherkessia. A unique natural corner attracts vacationers with the opportunity to relax away from the city noise. Tourists who have visited here note the special pacifying and energizing energy that permeates this amazing place. It is impossible to breathe in clean mountain air, and crystal-clear mountain rivers seem to carry away all worries and sorrows with their streams.

Climbers mastered the steep mountain slopes of Dombay a hundred years ago. The development of winter sports, as well as tourism business, in the middle of the last century opened Dombay anew, now as a popular ski resort. The variety of mountain terrain allowed us to equip many trails of different levels of difficulty. There are gentle slopes for beginners or family skiing with children. And professionals will find where to test their capabilities – steep slopes with unbroken areas will tickle the nerves of fans of this extreme.

The ski season in Dombay usually lasts from November to April and, of course, depends on weather conditions. The most impatient snowboarders and skiers begin to master the uppermost sections of the slopes in October. In total, the resort has twelve trails with a total length of more than twenty kilometers. The snow cover on the lower slopes becomes stable and safe only by mid-December. The influx of tourists during this period is also explained by the long New Year holidays.

It is worth noting the Dombay cable cars, which are equipped with four. The uppermost rises to a height of more than three kilometers. Especially impressive views from the "cable car" open in summer, when snow-white mountain peaks contrast with the lush greenery of Dombayskaya glade. Winter landscapes are no less magnificent and attract not only skiers, but also connoisseurs of natural beauty. The views captured in the pictures from the cable cars adorn popular publications and are the hallmark of Dombay.

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