Snowy peaks, Scandinavian landscapes and lavish Caucasian feasts of Adygea

Snowy peaks, Scandinavian landscapes and lavish Caucasian feasts of Adygea The Republic of Adygea is considered the smallest subject of the Russian Federation, and its entire territory is located inside the Krasnodar Territory with its Black Sea resorts. However, there are advantages for tourists in such a miniature region: in just a few days it is possible to get a whole range of diverse impressions.

You can visit picturesque Alpine meadows with grazing herds, see magnificent cascading waterfalls that are not inferior to Scandinavian ones. And majestic canyons carved into granite by turbulent rivers vividly resemble North American ones. The Adyghe original villages have been living according to their sacred canons for centuries and revere their ancestors. Gray–bearded elders with their ancient legends, ritual holidays and rituals - all this is imbued with incomparable Caucasian flavor and traditional hospitality.

Recreation in the republic is connected, for the most part, with mountains and untouched diverse and wild nature. The Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and has preserved its pristine beauty and richness for centuries. Many species of animals and birds live here in complete safety. No less valuable are the preserved Paleolithic sites and ancient dolmens.

The Lago-Naki plateau has been rightly very popular with tourists for many years. The unique appearance of perfectly smooth, as if cut with a knife and neatly stacked on top of each other mountain layers is simply fascinating. And the silence of the forests and the complete absence of telephone communication complement the charm of the mountains with a sense of complete unity with nature and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The famous stalactite caves go for kilometers deep into the earth. Picturesque ski slopes in winter, stormy river flows and exciting rafting in summer – all this is a small Adygea with a big heart and traditionally hearty, burning and fragrant cuisine. And the good-natured and cheerful atmosphere of the vacation spent here will be remembered for a long time.

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