Exotic underwater world of the Samara Aquarium

Exotic underwater world of the Samara Aquarium At the end of 2019, an aquarium opened in Samara, which quickly became a popular attraction of the city and a favorite place for family entertainment. In total, the aquarium has more than four thousand underwater inhabitants, both marine and freshwater. By the way, salty sea water is produced right here with the help of special technology.

In the aquarium you can see not only common species of animals, but also listed in the Red Book. Like, for example, a black swan, for which a separate comfortable aviary with a swimming pool is equipped. And for the red-book cold-loving Humboldt penguins, as well as for server seals, a special microclimate has been created with the help of constant air conditioning.

It is noteworthy that all the animals contained in the Samara Aquarium were raised specifically for him or transported from other zoos. None of its current inhabitants have been captured in the wild. The staff carefully monitors the comfort and health of their pets and tries to bring the conditions of keeping animals as close as possible to their natural habitat.

In terms of the total area of aquariums, aviaries and terrariums, the Samara Aquarium is recognized as the largest in Russia and in Europe. All because the joint maintenance of some animals is simply impossible. For example, a separate huge aviary is reserved for particularly aggressive Cuban crocodiles. These dangerous predators with an unusual black and yellow color can be seen up close through a strong glass.

An interesting fact is that the Samara Aquarium has the longest freshwater aquarium in Europe. It bends several times, bypassing neighboring aviaries, and sections for different types of fish are separated not by glass, but by a very strong mesh.

Among the local inhabitants there are also very rare ones. For example, pink and yellow snake–headed arowan fish are practically not found in nature. As well as amazing black–feathered sharks, which can be seen lying at the bottom of the aquarium - they do not need to constantly move to breathe.

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