Hot winter resorts of the Elbrus region

Hot winter resorts of the Elbrus region Unlike other popular ski resorts in the North Caucasus, in the Elbrus region, a strong snow cover appears on the upper slopes already in November. When by mid-December, for example, the first routes are just being rolled in on Krasnaya Polyana, the season is already in full swing on the slopes of the Elbrus region.

In January, there is a real boom of lovers of active winter recreation. But it's not just about the long winter holidays and a fairly comfortable temperature (there are no cracking severe frosts in the Elbrus region). The middle of winter in the Elbrus region is characterized by heavy snowfalls, and many skiers find a special charm in a crisp morning track with a fresh "puffy".

By the way, the mild winter weather allows you to alternate extreme skiing with quite exotic, but undoubtedly useful procedures. Swimming in pools with thermal water right in the open air is organized near the Elbrus near the Aushiger thermal springs. These places are very popular among tourists – in sunny weather, you can even sunbathe on the sun loungers by the pool, despite the cold.

Recreation in the Elbrus region pleases and surprises not only professional skiers and lovers of winter sports. Fascinating excursions, both on foot and on snowmobiles, museums and colorful souvenir shops are organized here. From active entertainment there is paintball and bowling. In the Terskol Sports Center, guests can play a game of billiards, sing karaoke or participate in team games. Young people will appreciate modern nightclubs and disco bars.

Among the natural attractions of the Elbrus region, magnificent cascading waterfalls stand out. Many of them do not freeze in winter and look very picturesque among the snow-white snows. And the famous Chegem waterfalls freeze in the form of huge icicles and ice blocks. Tourists are very fond of taking pictures against the background of this luxurious ice kingdom.

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