Zanzibar. Remember the children's fairy tale and enjoy the wonders of reality

Zanzibar. Remember the children's fairy tale and enjoy the wonders of reality The island of Zanzibar is valued for the beautiful white sandy beaches that cover its coast on all sides.

In dense exotic woods you can see rare species of primates red colobus monkeys, the areola habitat which is widespread only in these parts.

Despite some isolation, in Zanzibar, tourists are offered a high level of service and a wide variety of hotels for every taste and budget.

In cafes and restaurants you can enjoy culinary masterpieces. The most incredible fruits, octopus in coconut milk and lobster grill. It is a modest list of gastronomic surprises awaiting your stomach.

A huge number of locations for snorkeling – a Paradise for divers. Reefs, arches, caves, wreck and fauna located around the island.

One of the local landmarks – the historic part of stone Town. Here you can find echoes of all religions and architectural styles, picturesque streets and cozy artsy the doors of the houses.

The perfect season for traveling is autumn and winter. At this time the temperature rises to 25-35 degrees above zero.

The cost of the trip for 10-12 nights of accommodation in 3-star hotel 65-100 thousand rubles.

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