How to make a holiday in Turkey a memorable one

How to make a holiday in Turkey a memorable one Collected here are 15 ways to make your holiday in Turkey is varied and exciting.
1. Visit the folklore evening "Turkish night". Such entertainment is suitable for guests to explore the distinctive Turkish culture. These events are held at each resort. Incredible dancing, stunning costumes, traditional music, and even workshops on belly dance will make the holiday bright.
2. Turkish bath – Hamam, will help to restore vital energy, rid the body of toxins, to relax. Will especially enjoy this treatment after long trips and prolonged travel.
3. The disco tour is a great pastime for young people. Around the Turkish coast is a huge number of night clubs. It is a separate institution and dance within hotels. The most popular objects under the open sky and beach bars-disco.
4. Turkish shopping is a real benefit for those who like sales or luxury boutiques. Both in the resort "capital cities" abound. Special attention is paid to leather and fur, jewelry and Souvenirs.
5. Jeep safaris – a fascinating journey for lovers of unspoilt nature. The trips are accompanied by professional guides. This is a great opportunity to keep the memory stunning photographs.
6. Sailing in the open sea. The cool sea breeze, the smooth swing of the waves and endless horizon, looking at which, according to the Turks, you have 15 minutes to feel the peacefulness and lightness of the soul. This walk will come to the liking of romantic people.
7. The rafting holiday for those who are constantly on the lookout for new adrenaline rush.
8. A day of fun in the largest water parks in the world – an unforgettable experience for children and adults.
9. Skydiving is a chance to share unique images from the air and to such emotions that will stay with you for life.
10. Diving – the ability to see the leisurely life at a depth that one would long remember, back in the frantic pace of everyday work.
11. Fishing in the sea or a mountain lake.
12. Visit the ruins of ancient Cyprus.
13. Relax among the pearl sand of the island of Cleopatra.
14. Tour of the Holy places of Israel.
15. Buy Greek Souvenirs in Rhodes (need a visa).
As can be seen, Turkey is not only lying on the beach and endless buffets. Rest varied to fill your life with new experiences and return home truly relaxed.

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