Why in the hotels bed linen in white only

Why in the hotels bed linen in white only Hardly anyone thinks about why almost all the hotels use bed linen and towels are white. Recently this question was asked by the journalists of the British edition. They asked the stylists of famous manufacturer of bed linen in premium quality. Experts explained that the colored sheets and pillowcases with each wash fade. But in hotels linens very often. Therefore, it is easy to determine the saturation of the tissues, has long been used as underwear. At that time, as white bedding always look attractive, regardless of age.
In addition, a neutral white color fits in any interior. This is very beneficial for designers. In the background a large white spot beds look beneficial different shades and textures surrounding the bed.
Another advantage of the white bed, in comparison with color – the lower price tags. This factor always attracts domestic hoteliers.
By the way, one of the novelties in the sphere of hotel business refresher. This special drawers in which linen is cleansed in just a few minutes. Without water and chemicals. These miracle boxes recently demonstrated at the summit of the Association of hoteliers in Germany. The developers said that this gadget removes bacteria present in the structure of tissue by means of ultraviolet radiation, high temperatures and ozone. Then the contamination removed from the box through the ventilation system.

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