What foreigners expect to see in Russia

What foreigners expect to see in Russia Most popular Russian "artifact", in the opinion of foreigners, is vodka. Some of the foreign nationals in fact sure that the vodka is flowing into Russia from the taps. Others ask – "is there life in Siberia?". Still others believe that Russians are very Moody and seriously afraid of our brother.

Blogger Julia Belova, speaking about his experience as a translator in one foreign company, revealed that its always resented the ignorance regarding Russia. Since then, Julia started his blog in which talks about Russian traditions and attractions, as well as dispel popular myths. At first the blog was conducted in English and French. But later came the Russian version.

Julia says that many foreigners are recognized in some inexplicable love for Russia. They capture the history of the Russian Empire, wooden architecture, Orthodox religious buildings.

Foreigners arriving in Moscow, gladly go to Sergiev Posad to see the homes with frames and feel the village life of ordinary Russian people.

On the recommendations of Julia, the foreign guests visited Zvenigorod, the Izmaylovo estate, the house-Museum of Vasnetsov, located in the ancient mansion and estate of Kolomenskoye, impregnated with the native Russian spirit and atmosphere of Russia pre-Petrine era. There are within the city boundaries has another amazing place – estate Kuskovo with its old noble mansion and splendid Park, which is very similar to Peterhof.

The blogger herself says that with the advent of the blog started to travel a lot in Russia. And still admit that it also has some stereotypes about other countries and settlements. So, Julia believed that in Paris it is beautiful and clean. But after seeing the dirty subway, the homeless under bridges and pickpockets right on the Champs Elysees, was extremely disappointed.

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