As working in the office mode 8/5 a lot of time traveling?

As working in the office mode 8/5 a lot of time traveling? A well-known blogger from Austria absolutely sure that the most important thing for travel – the desire, the rest could fit into the schedule and never hurts to have new experiences. In her notes reported a few hints which will help you to find the time outside of the home to explore new places.

The lady recommends: first, you need to positively adjust itself to travel much more than most people. They also act in accordance with their position. Usually the skeptics are missing something:
• time;
• money;
• fellow travelers.

To all complaining about the large number of household chores, planning for the holidays.

Also miss the blogger assures that the services required by the contract weekend need to use the most loaded. For the whole weekend, with a call on Friday evening at the office to arrive home on Sunday evening, you can plan and implement interesting little trip. These few days make it impossible to carry out the tour, but allow for the time to escape from everyday life.

The expert assures that barely tired you get in Sunday to your favorite couch. But on Monday, after a sound sleep, filled with memories, will come to the office with a great, upbeat mood.

It is not necessary to plan for 2 days too much to the tight time frame did not limit the joy of new experiences. Author notes gives advice to choose 2-3 objects that you are more interested, pay more attention to them. If have free time, it's quite possible to spend a fair impression, other sites in any case there will be a lot.

Also helpful, says the analyst, to plan the route. For such a short trip optimally select city, town, country, near, city 2, maximum 3 hours. You can try to choose a spot close to the station or airport to save time commuting.

The blogger suggested that if the 2 free days it is better to sacrifice the comforts of a hotel, choose a less comfortable, but located closer to the urban beauty, the monuments and museums you want to visit. To get from the hotel with elevated amenities and spend more on such a road the hours and minutes is a very unreasonable waste of time to tight deadlines.

And another helpful hint gives the author, based on personal experience. Who wants to be mobile, active traveler, must always be ready to go in other places. By her example recommended to keep the backpack, bag, what you used to go to distant lands. And inside can put:
• documents (passport, medical insurance, Bank card or cash);
• the camera or camcorder preferably with a tripod and a device for selfie;
• personal belongings (and hygiene) which you will need during the journey.

Time fees is significantly reduced, allowing an early start on the fun journey.

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