The sea of Azov: find a resort according to your taste

The sea of Azov: find a resort according to your taste On the Azov sea, tourists are attracted by the climate, the small depths of the sea, services of sanatoriums. Prices compared to other resort areas is very democratic as in hotels and in the private sector.

To obtain therapeutic mud treatments for a nominal price, and often even free.

One of the most popular towns on the coast of the Azov sea – Yeisk. It is recommended for student groups and young couples. Very nice to come here with children, which created a great entertaining area. Beaches – clean sand, shallow depth. There is a crocodile farm, Dolphin, unusual beauty and special cozy mood natural monument – eyskaya Kosa, the ethnic Museum "Ataman".

Athletes prefer Dolzhanskaya. Here a steeper depth increase than other places. Beaches different: undeveloped and wild. Dominated by limestone and small pebbles. In this area is quite windy climate that creates good conditions for Windsurfing. Beginners can always find instructor training. Often in dolzhanskaja various festivals, sports and music.

Small Primorsko-Akhtarsk will attract families with children. The wide sandy beach zone. Almost always calm waters. To get to the deep place, at least 70-100 cm, you need to go very far. The only concern: in the water you can step on a sharp shell. Infrequently, but happens.

In the fresh waters of estuaries are crayfish, vacationers will be able to provide delicacies. Beisugskoie estuary attracts anglers without a catch, no one will. It also has its own special beauty: Lotus lake.

In the village of Golubitskaya there is a lake with healing mud. Rest and recuperate – a wonderful combination of pleasant with useful. For those wishing to get more sensations tour operators offer to visit the mud volcano of Hephaestus. Cape Pekli is another mud volcano: a Gobber.

The peace and tranquillity you can relax in Kuchugury. The sand dunes surrounding the beach create a sense separated from all the hectic world. The only negative – the strong current.
More to the guests of the Taman Bay, the town of Taman, village of Lenin, the village Tmutarakan.

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