The beauty of the ancient Yaroslavl – city with banknotes

The beauty of the ancient Yaroslavl – city with banknotes On the embankment of the Volga fronts the Governor's house, built in 1823, it is Now the town's Art Museum. Once there he took members of the Royal family. The house was visited by Alexander I and Nicholas II. The garden and Park adjacent to the house, founded in the 1821-1825 years.

On the right Bank of the Kotorosl, another river, always housed various industrial enterprises. But even here there are monuments on a global scale.
Merchants Zatrapeznov in 1742, donated funds for the construction of the Peter and Paul temple, "brother" of the Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg. Immediately the old cascade of ponds, with barely visible traces of the old tracks.

The neighborhood in the yard of the small St. Nicholas Church Melensky. Age is very respectful: 1672 she was no longer accommodate all the parishioners, and was erected next to the spacious Church of St. John the faster. Funds for construction were donated by owners of a Large factory.

Another Yaroslavl Church know, probably, almost all Russians and many foreigners. This is John the Baptist, depicted on the banknote 1000 rubles. The temple is crowned by 15 domes. The exterior and interior decoration affects everyone. Unique tiles, original, unusual ornaments outside. The Church interior is covered with murals on the themes of biblical stories. For a long time the temple was in ruins. To date, the work carried out, from may to late September there is a Museum.

Impresses the tourists is the architectural ensemble of the neighborhood Barns. The Church with various pattern frames. At the entrance side of the Volga complex with a unique Holy gates.

Attracts the attention of multi-tiered bell tower with a height of 37 m, the so-called "Yaroslavl candle". Date of construction: the end of the XVII century In the upper part of the look of multi-layered tent with bell-Windows.

A little further is the famous Rugova mountain. The tradition says that in 1257 in the battle with the Golden Horde died here many Yaroslavtsev, Russian army was defeated. Relatives of the widow come to a memorable place to cry, to grieve, hence the name. In memory of this stands the temple of St. Paraskeva.

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