Weekend in Yekaterinburg: the best sights of Ural Chicago

Weekend in Yekaterinburg: the best sights of Ural Chicago The American Consul General, who visited the city several years ago, called it "Ural Chicago." A large metropolis is included in the top 10 best settlements for life in Russia.

Yekaterinburg has also been noted in the history of the world. Here the first jet was tested, the largest stepping excavator was designed, one of the local museums houses the oldest sculpture of wood in the world, its age is older than the Egyptian pyramids and reaches 11,000 years.

As for tourist sites, Yekaterinburg is one of the most undervalued regions of Russia. Tourists rarely come here for more than a couple of days, believing that it is enough to see all the sights. And, as a rule, they are wrong. The city has many iconic places that are associated with the most important events in the history of the country.

One of the most famous sights is the Temple-on-Blood. Until 1977, there was an inconspicuous house of local engineer Ipatyev. At that time, few people knew that it was in the basement of this building was shot the royal family and all its confidants. The church was built in 2003.

Another famous landmark of Yekaterinburg, associated with the name of the first Russian president. This is the Yeltsin Center. The building stands out against the background of gray buildings. 28 kilometers of LED tapes were used for its lighting. A particularly spectacular view opens after dark.

The best place to walk and get acquainted with the real life of the city will be Weiner Street. Along the wide avenue there are many historical monuments, houses, unusual sculptures.

Yekaterinburg is not only a developed industry, but also a unique nature. Deer Creek is the region's most famous natural park. It is located just 120 kilometers from the center of the bustling metropolis. There is taiga, forest steppe, rare plants and animals. Numerous caves, grottoes, suspension bridges, crossings and observation decks are scattered throughout the green zone. In the reserve you can be seen near in the natural habitat of elk, roe deer, beavers.

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