Bus travel: the pros and cons

Bus travel: the pros and cons Modern bus tours, thanks to the strict schedule of traffic, allow tourists to effectively combine cultural holidays with shopping trips. Since the route is made long before departure, you can productively plan all your free time.

One of the important advantages of traveling by bus as part of a group - you can go on a trip alone, and already on the way to get acquainted with "neighbors." So there is always a person next to whom you can share your impressions or ask for help. Usually, any trips of organized groups abroad are led by at least one attendant who is fluent in a foreign language.

As for sleep and night crossings, there are two options: rest directly in the vehicle and in roadside motels. Modern buses are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable pastime: soft reclining seats, TVs, toilets, kitchen minis. But all these amenities can never replace the classic rest in bed. Overnight in the hotel as part of the tour will cost quite inexpensively: groups are given discounts.

When travelling by bus with you it is recommended to take money with a reserve. There can always be unforeseen expenses: excursions, souvenirs, fines, etc. but the worst thing that can happen is the lag behind the group. In this case, you will have to look for and catch up with the bus at your own expense. Therefore, with you - in a bag or a backpack, it is desirable to have a tour route, a dictionary with the language of the country, the territory of which the trip and the phone number of the attendant. The presence of almost universal Internet coverage allows you to keep it all in a small phone.

Despite all the advantages, you need to take into account the possible inconveniences during the bus tour. It is necessary to immediately tune in to life on a strict schedule - breakfasts, lunches, stops, excursions, free time, break and climb - all will be painted by the minute. You will have to sit a lot - almost throughout the journey. We should not forget about force majeure: traffic failures, traffic jams, delays at border control. Many consider the main drawback of bus travel - accommodation in cheap motels and hotels.

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