The world's longest suspension bridge opens in Portugal. Tourists are terrified

The world's longest suspension bridge opens in Portugal. Tourists are terrified The new Portuguese bridge, named 516 Arouca Bridge, rises above the city of the same name, stretching about 100 km from Porto. The crossing was awarded the status of the world's longest suspended pedestrian bridge. The title of the most terrifying was also quickly added to this title.

The structure of the crossing is represented by a narrow steel path, the length of which is 516 meters. The structure is suspended between two supports over an abyss over 170 meters deep. Below there is a turbulent mountain river flowing between powerful boulders. The walk through the pond will take about 5-10 minutes. At the same time, everyone recognized that only a strong spirit can do such an occupation. The bridge sways after each step, and a vast panorama of the canyon stretches around, which can cause dizziness with a weak vestibular apparatus.

Prior to the opening of 516 Arouca Bridge, the Kokonoe Yume Bridge, built in Japan, was listed among the longest crossings of this type in the Guinness Book of Records. Its length is 390 meters. At the same time, the Swiss counterpart, named after Charles Kuonen, has a length of 494 m.

Experts say the new engineering marvel is part of the beautification plan for resort towns in Portugal to attract tourists and those wishing to move to these places.

Anyone can walk along the Aruka bridge, but for an extreme crossing you will have to pay 10-12 Euros.

Unfortunately, the guests of the country cannot yet appreciate the magnificence of the new crossing, because the borders of Portugal are still closed to many states (including Russia). The exception is Madeira Island, which has recently become available to foreign visitors. At the same time, you do not need to be vaccinated to visit the island. You can get to Madeira simply by presenting a negative PCR test result. The only obstacle is that there is no direct connection between Russia and the resort since 2020. So far, only flights through neighboring countries are available.

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