How to start hitchhiking in Russia: simple tips

How to start hitchhiking in Russia: simple tips Hitchhiking is a great opportunity to travel long distances at no extra cost. Such a trip will allow not only to overcome hundreds of kilometers with minimal investment, but also to expand the horizons of their views, to find new friends.

It is necessary to clarify right away that traveling with practically no money is a real test, which not everyone can withstand. The difficulties will be not only physical, but also moral. No one guarantees that exceptionally good and helpful people will meet on the road. You may have to stand for hours on the track with an outstretched arm in bad weather. But those who can go through all the problems will have an unforgettable experience and will be proud of themselves.

There are often openly negative reviews about Russian drivers in many forums. They are portrayed as rude, boorish and generally not very friendly people. In fact this is not true. Most of domestic drivers treat fellow travelers well and with understanding. For many, hitchhikers are new interlocutors with whom you can spend time interestingly. There are often cases when even the drivers of large trucks willingly stop to pick up passengers. Who else but they know all the hardships and hardships of long roads.

The preparation of a hitchhiking trip should be approached with special care. You will need to take quite a few things with you. It is advisable to prepare the following basic set:
- passport;
- medical policy;
- color copies of all basic documents;
- waterproof bag;
- warm clothes;
- pants with a large number of pockets;
- raincoat;
- a small first aid kit;
- comfortable shoes.

Hitchhiking is fraught with many dangers. To avoid unnecessary problems, you need to follow simple tips:
- Before you get into someone's car, it is advisable to inspect your fellow travelers. If they do not inspire confidence, it is better to listen to your inner voice.
- Valuables and money cannot be kept in plain sight.
- For communication on the road, it is better to use an ordinary push-button telephone, you should not "light up" an expensive smartphone without the need.
- It's best to look for a car in the early morning. At this time, the drivers are calmer and there are no traffic jams.
- It is advisable to memorize the numbers of the cars and carefully write them down in the phone, so that in case of danger, they can be quickly sent to someone close to you.

 To catch a car, you should adhere to a simple rule: it is best to catch vehicles where it is convenient for him to stop.

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