Healthy lifestyle tourism: the best destinations for recreation

Healthy lifestyle tourism: the best destinations for recreation Wellness or healthy lifestyle tourism is travel, trips and hikes in any area with favorable natural and climatic conditions and stay there for the purpose of recreation.

One of the leading places, especially in the "velvet season", in booking health destinations is occupied by the Crimean region, which is famous for its recreational resources. The best places to restore health are considered to be the balneological and mud resorts of Evpatoria and Saki. Fans of active tourism prefer to choose places to stop at the foot of the mountains in order to make useful walks in the fresh air. Connoisseurs of comfort make a choice in favor of guest houses and sanatoriums.

From the beginning of October to the end of December, the leading positions from the Crimea are taken by the resorts of Sochi. Popular with ecotourists are leisure activities such as conquering local gorges and mountain peaks, and camping in picturesque meadows.

The Altai Territory plays an important role in the development of health tourism. Wild nature, healthy air and fantastic landscapes attract travelers not only from all over Russia, but also from other parts of the world. Particularly noteworthy are the ecological complexes located along the shores of Lake Teletskoye, in which, according to ancient legends, a sea monster lives. The functioning of the resorts here is based on the principle of respect and environmental protection. Separate sorting of garbage is carried out in almost all hotels, water and energy resources are saved and reused.

As “green” trends are beginning to be in great demand in society, recreational tourism facilities are actively developing in other previously unpopular regions of the country. Recently, many resorts in the Novosibirsk Region have begun to open glamping sites on their territory. This step allowed them not only to expand the possibilities of accommodation, but also to satisfy the wishes of healthy lifestyle tourists.

Even at the state level, the importance of the development of ecological recreation is noted. So in Khakassia by 2025, in order to increase the tourist flow, it is planned to create a full-fledged recreational cluster on the territory of the Khakassi reserve. This project became the winner of the All-Russian competition.

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