Travelers will have to pay extra for a comfortable sleep in the hotel

Travelers will have to pay extra for a comfortable sleep in the hotel American experts on public opinion came to the conclusion that the only good night's sleep is the main criterion when choosing a hotel.

The analysis was applied to several services offered by hotels. Someone from the hotel Internet connection is required. Someone needs to find in the world wide web positive reviews. And some want to enjoy a holiday at optimal (their personal taste) the location of the hotel. A particularly important condition is noted by the representatives of the British Isles. The most important thing – a clean bed.

Researchers from the U.S. they asked questions for about 45 thousand people. The information related to hotels, represented the 85th different brands. And the results surprised experts.

In the end, it was revealed that the largest number of positive reviews received those hotels, which created favorable conditions for sleep. Customers have told that most likely will be back there again. The number of respondents expressing this opinion, made up more than 70%.

Another incentive to give the hotel the highest score visitors get in if the result of a night of rest and sleep was higher than expected in advance. However, only 29% of respondents said that they are completely satisfied with the quality of the environment for a good night's sleep.

The comfort in the room (temperature and humidity, noise), comfortable beds, quality bed linen, pillows, blankets – the main indicators which influence the assessment of sleep and, in the end, the hotel in General.

Also, the indicators of satisfaction with quality of rest is much affected by the additional "stuff":
• pleasant soothing decor;
• offer bathrobes and Slippers;
• earmolds-earplugs;
• special devices that create pleasant sounds for relaxation (music, nature).

Did not expect American researchers that sleep depends on the amount paid for the room. About 42% of positive feedback we have hotels in superior with a very decent price. Compared to budget option hotels, the difference is significant. There the figure is only 23%.

To paraphrase from the old Soviet film can say: the more expensive the hotel, the sleep better. Want to sleep – pay.

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