Named the best country for the production of wine. France outraged

Named the best country for the production of wine. France outraged Experts of the popular Internet service for travelers made a rating of "wine" countries.
States were compared on availability, visits to vineyards, tastings of quality, total sales of alcoholic beverages and the cost of travel and housing.

According to these characteristics, Italy was the leader. One of the reasons for this wide range of programs for lovers of wine tourism. The country is home to over 20 wine regions, where vine grows many different varieties.

France came in second place. The indignant French have managed to comment on the rating, saying that the leadership of Italy does not mean the best in the world taste. Maybe they're right. In France, just a lot less places for tastings and are open for visiting vineyards. Also the French have a more expensive products. If in Italy the average cost of a bottle of noble drink is 5 euros, the French wine costs almost euros more expensive.

France noted that the local products are often rewarded with various awards. In the entire history of French wine, the wine was awarded 28 872 times. At that time, as Italian drinks was only 19 160 times.
On the third honorary place was Spain. On the fourth or South Africa. Australia took the 15-th position, the us – 27 and Albion – 30th.

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