Top 7 places in Turkey, which received a score of 10 out of 10 among tourists. Part 2

Top 7 places in Turkey, which received a score of 10 out of 10 among tourists. Part 2 Continuing the list of the top places in Turkey, it is worth mentioning the Dalyan River. There are guided tours on boats, where you can not only see the local beauty in the form of mountain landscapes and dense forests, permeated with minarets, but also enjoy the taste of freshly caught and cooked crabs. The river is bordered by the city of the same name, which locals also call "Turkish Venice." After all, its entire territory is cut by small rivers and straits, on which it is convenient to move on compact boats with a flat bottom. The River Dalyan itself, connecting the lake. Cagegiz and the Aegean Sea, has many twists and unexpected twists, behind each of which the traveler is waiting for new unforgettable surprises. From here it is easy to get to the well-known turtle beach, included in the national reserve.
Speaking of Turkey, it is impossible not to mention at least one of the Muslim temples. One of the most prominent mosques in the country is Sulaymaniyah, built in the 16th century, when the rule of the Ottoman Empire reached its peak of power. The mosque rises on one of the seven hills of Istanbul and is a masterpiece of architecture.
And, of course, being in Turkey, it would be a crime to pass by the famous eastern bazaars. One of the largest markets not only in Turkey, but also in the world is the Grand Bazaar "Kapala Charshi." It is a huge indoor complex, which has more than 2600 counters, 24 hotels, many cafes and restaurants. There are fountains and monuments, 65 streets pass. And the rent for a place in this complex is 5-8 thousand U.S. a month.
But this rating would not be complete if it did not mention the beach. One of the most remarkable is Bodrumsky. Its territory is divided into several autonomous beaches. Some of them are washed by the Aegean Sea. Others are Mediterranean. Bodrum beaches are considered the best on the peninsula. Clean sea, well-groomed shore, plenty of entertainment, stunning scenery and exclusive service are waiting for all who want to enjoy the warm sea and gentle sun.

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