Top 7 places in Turkey, which received a score of 10 out of 10 among tourists. Part 1

Top 7 places in Turkey, which received a score of 10 out of 10 among tourists. Part 1 Many come to Turkey to enjoy the notorious All inclusive, all sorts of pickles at the fresh table, spa and sunbathing by the pool with turquoise water. But do not forget that the Turkish coast is rich in amazing corners of nature, architectural and historical attractions, which are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime to expand your view of the holiday in Turkey.
Opens a list of the most popular tourist attractions fortress Alagna. It is a medieval structure that originated in the 13th century on a rocky peninsula, 250 meters above sea level. The structure includes about 140 towers and a long jagged wall, a castle (preserved fragmented). Behind the impregnable walls of the fortress to this day came brick water tanks, Byzantine temple in the name of St. George and baths. Much later, after the appearance of the fortress, its territory got a lot of villas.
A unique natural corner is the Cotton Castle complex, formed from travertine growths. The snow-white terraces are located in the province of Denizli, in the southwest of the country in the Aegean Sea.
Those who come to Turkey to enjoy unique spa treatments will surely be interested to see the Cleopatra Pool. This is a natural body of water, in which, according to the legend, the queen of Egypt bathed herself. Water here has rejuvenating properties and generally has a positive effect on the body. A peculiar bowl is formed on the place of a hot geyser, where once there were Roman baths. After the buildings collapsed, the stone blocks and columns collapsed into a cleft, forming a natural bowl.
Fans of antiquities should definitely see The Hierarchs, an ancient complex with a rich history, from the Roman Empire to Byzantium. Once this city was the heart of Christianity. To this day, thousands of pilgrims come here. On the territory of the attraction there are another hot thermal springs that bring healing from many diseases.
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