TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel

TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel Not only individual cities of Russia are suitable for autumn travel, but entire regions as well. For example, autumn Karelia promises an unforgettable vacation. Although the place is beautiful at any time of the year, it is the autumn season that fills its northern beauty with noble charm and vibrant colors. The best time to visit the republic is the first half of autumn. From mid-October, the rainy and cold season begins here. In addition, from the second half of autumn, high-speed boats stop running, on which you can get to the most picturesque islands of Kizhi and Valaam. The main preference for autumn Karelia is excursion and eco-tourism. Travelers can visit the Ruskeala marble canyon, as well as a huge number of museums exhibiting unique collections. It is recommended to visit the National Museum, the Petrozavodsk Gallery of Fine Arts, where samples of the White Sea petroglyphs, amulets of ancient tribes, works of local embroidery and marble carving masters are presented. You should definitely visit the Museum of Runes Singers in Kalevala, where monuments of the Karelian folk epic, unique musical instruments for singing runes are tremblingly kept. Romantics of the sea should see the collection of the Polar Odysseus Museum, where you can see old ships, as well as walk on a real deck. Another popular destination for autumn travel is Kaliningrad. This city on the shores of the Baltic Sea with amazing examples of European Gothic architecture acquires a special flavor and atmosphere against the backdrop of an autumn palette. At this time of the year, here you can take exclusive photos, as well as enjoy a beach holiday on the Curonian Spit. Diverse excursion programs will allow you to get acquainted with various sights and the unusual history of Kaliningrad. You should definitely get to the Amber Museum, try local coffee or mulled wine, as well as see ancient castles and fortresses. You can get here by plane from St. Petersburg or Moscow. The flight will take only 1.5 or 2 hours, respectively.

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