What to see in Pskov in 1 day. TOP attractions

What to see in Pskov in 1 day. TOP attractions Pskov has experienced many wars and attacks at different times. But every time, he demonstrated strength and courage, adequately reflecting enemy inclinations. This city is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. You can get here from Moscow or St. Petersburg by train. Aircraft run from many other cities in Russia to Pskov.

One of the oldest defensive structures of the city is the Pskov Krom (Kremlin). This is the most popular attraction in Pskov, where most sightseeing tours begin.

On the territory of the Kremlin complex, similar to the Moscow one, echoes of the original settlement are visible, which gradually turned into a large city. Krom is located in the historical heart of the city, at the confluence of the Velikaya and Pskov rivers, which gave it its name. The beginning of the construction of the Pskov Kremlin falls on the era of the reign of Princess Olga.

The most famous monument of the Kremlin complex in Pskov is the Trinity Cathedral. The building, which began to be erected in the same period as the fortress walls, today reaches a height of 72 meters and is one of the symbols of the city. Throughout its history, except for the times of the USSR, the temple was active.

It is noteworthy that Pskov is the center of Orthodox pilgrimage. This city gave the country and the world a colossal number of shrines. For example, Snetogorsky, Staro-Voznesensky, Mirozhsky monasteries, the Church of Saints Constantine and Helena.

With the beginning of Dovmont's reign, other buildings were added to Krom, which later formed a whole city near the fortress. During the reign of Peter I, many churches and other buildings were destroyed as unnecessary. But in the last century, archaeologists discovered the remains of this building.

Among the old buildings at the Kremlin, it is worth noting the Gremyachaya Tower, which was part of the complex of Pskov fortifications. The building at different times was covered with legends and fairy tales.

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