Cruises in Antarctica. For what tourists are ready to go to the most severe place on the planet

Cruises in Antarctica. For what tourists are ready to go to the most severe place on the planet Antarctica is a destination that has been gaining popularity in recent years. A real tourist boom began after comfortable cruise ships were launched to the shores of the continent.

The bulk of ships to Antarctica leave from Argentina. This is the closest point on the planet to the coldest continent. And if you arrive here before the start of the cruise, you can get to know the famous Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn.

The expedition itself to Antarctica lasts 9-40 days. At the same time, liners very rarely pass only from Argentina to Antarctica or vice versa. The main part of the cruises is designed to pass along the mainland towards Australia. Therefore, it is important to carefully prepare for such a trip, including the selection of clothing and equipment. Tour operators offering cruise packages help in this matter.

When choosing the vessel itself, it is worth considering its size and capacity, the availability of entertainment, the level of service and comfort, the number of visiting locations and the purpose of the expedition. The final cost of the trip will depend on these parameters. But it is worth considering that even the starting prices for tours will be quite high.

Why is Antarctica so attractive for tourists? Indeed, the continent has a year-round winter, there are no permanent residents, a high degree of UV radiation. The main reason why travelers are willing to endure the cold and pay big money is the extraordinary and breathtaking beauty of the local nature. Passing on a liner past the icy peaks, you can feel all the greatness and power of this winter kingdom.

The surroundings look so great that those who come here immediately understand why there are so many words for snow in the languages ​​of the northern peoples. After all, it is here that you can see thousands of shades of blue that fill the space.

The local nature is harsh, but at the same time very interesting. Tourists can see places where there has been no precipitation for 2 million years, and even snow does not cover the frozen ground for tens of meters. Here, trails through the glaciers are laid, and tourist camps are equipped at scientific stations, along which fascinating excursions take place.

An unusual experience will be given by studying flocks of penguins and other animals living on the continent.

Before the start and at the end of the cruise, tourists will be able to see a lot of other countries, the ports of which the liner enters, so a trip to Antarctica will be a complex adventure that will leave impressions of a lifetime.

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