Unpopular places in Tokyo with the best views of Mount Fuji. Part 2

Unpopular places in Tokyo with the best views of Mount Fuji. Part 2 There are about 2,300 high-rise buildings and 114 skyscrapers in Tokyo. One of them is the 17-story Hokutopia, towering next to JR Oji Subway Station. At the top of the building is an observation deck with a viewing angle of 270. By metropolitan standards, this is far from the best location for panoramic views. However, access to it is free.

Locals usually come to the top of Hokutopia to see the shinkansen bullet trains quietly scurrying along the railways right at their feet.

There is also a colorful restaurant with an amazing menu, first-class service and reasonable prices. It is called Sankaitei. Here you can taste both traditional Japanese dishes and ordinary steaks, burgers or pizza.

Not far from Hokutopia lies the Asukayama Park, which is one of the oldest green corners in the city, where people traditionally come to contemplate the cherry blossoms. Perhaps that is why during the Japanese cherry blossom season, Sankaitei serves special dishes decorated with the flowers of this beautiful tree.

And, of course, in addition to all the advantages of the restaurant, from its windows you can look at the sacred Mount Fuji. The best time for contemplation is winter and fair weather. And due to the fact that there are no other high-rise structures next to the Hokutopia tower, the view will give the feeling of flight.

Completing the selection of locations for observing the majestic silhouette of Fuji is the Fujimi Terrace. It is important to consider that there are two such sites in Tokyo. But only one of them can be accessed for free. This small playground is located at the Higashikurume Subway Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. The one indicated in some tourist guides is located in Suzuoka, in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. Access to it is paid.

The best days to visit Fujimi Terrace are the last days of December. During this period, you can see how the setting sun "stacks" on the top of the mountain, creating the very effect of "Diamond Fuji".

You can get to the site from the western entrance to Higashikurume, which itself is in the TOP-100 of the best stations in the region.

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