Unpopular places in Tokyo with the best views of Mount Fuji

Unpopular places in Tokyo with the best views of Mount Fuji The main places for contemplating Mount Fuji, which are indicated in tourist guides in Japan, are specially equipped observation decks on the roofs of the capital's skyscrapers (Shinjuku City Hall, Mori Tower in Roppongi, as well as old and new TV towers).

However, local aborigines know that there are other places in Tokyo, hidden from the inquisitive gaze of travelers, from where breathtaking views of the majestic mountain open.

The first of these locations is located in Kasai Rinkai Park, located along the scenic shores of Tokyo Bay. This is the Kasai Seaside Park Observation Square "Crystal View", as well as the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel, which is ranked second among the tallest attractions of its kind in the country. The wheel makes one revolution in 15 minutes. At night, the structure is illuminated with colored illumination, making it very similar to a fantastic flower or precious stone. It is this feature that explains the name of the object.

In clear weather, from the Ferris wheel you can see the unique spectacle "Diamond Fuji". At sunset hours, the sun, heading to rest, stops for a few minutes at the top of the mountain, creating a unique play of light.

One of the largest oceanariums in the world is located next to the park. Penguins, sharks and other sea creatures are kept here. The Japanese and Tokyo authorities plan to completely renovate the facility by 2026. However, due to the pandemic, these periods may be increased.

By the way, Kasai Rinkai Park is located one metro station from Tokyo Disneyland. The stunning Disney Castle can even be seen from the Ferris wheel. The area of ​​the park is 465 thousand m2. This is the first Disneyland outside the United States to appear on the map of Japan back in 1983 and was created in the same style as its California counterpart.

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