TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 5

TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 5 For those who want to enjoy the warmth as long as possible, a trip to Kislovodsk is suitable. Warm, sunny weather here lasts until mid-October. At the same time, the sun shines here softly, and stunning natural locations will provide unique opportunities for therapeutic walking and breathing procedures.

As you might guess, trips to Kislovodsk in the fall are carried out mainly for the purpose of recovery. Comfortable weather is complemented by numerous sanatoriums that do not stop working with the onset of autumn, but, on the contrary, implement a wide variety of preventive and therapeutic programs.

You should definitely devote your free time to exploring the surroundings. Indeed, there are many museums, theaters and galleries in Kislovodsk. The most famous sights of Kislovodsk are the monument to Lermontov, the museum-dacha of Shalyapin, the Kislovodsk fortress, as well as the famous staircase. Arriving on vacation with children, you can go to the dolphinarium or travel by cable car.

The northern capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, acquires a unique depth and atmosphere in autumn. This city is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, regardless of the season. But autumn fills the amazing streets of the city on the Neva with unique colors.

The northern capital will present endless opportunities for cultural education, excursions, photo sessions. With the beginning of autumn, St. Petersburg is filled with bright colors, which are reflected in the smooth surface of its countless canals, as well as the stone walls of the world-famous fortresses, cathedrals and palaces.

You should definitely visit the Hermitage, which is included in the list of the best museums on the planet. The complex of the Peterhof Palace, as well as Tsarskoe Selo and Oranienbaum will leave an indelible impression.

Autumn is a great time to visit theaters. The oldest St. Petersburg temple of Melpomene is the Mariinsky Theater. On its stage you can see the best artists from Russia and abroad.

The most unusual way of spending time is a tour of the rooftops of St. Petersburg houses. It is from this angle that you can view breathtaking panoramas at a glance.

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