TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 6

TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 6 In autumn, in mountainous Altai, travelers feel themselves caught in the picture of a talented artist. September and early October are practically the same as summer. But in the autumn months it won't be that hot here, and the rains start around the middle of the season. Another plus is the lack of a large influx of tourists.

When going to the mountains, it is worth remembering two simple rules. First, you need to stock up on warm clothing and sunscreen. The sun in the highlands is quite dangerous. Even without feeling the intense heat, you can get burned. But the nights with the arrival of autumn are getting colder.

The second rule of travel in the Altai Mountains is making a route in advance. There are many beauties in this region. If you don't prepare properly, you may miss something really important to yourself.

The main natural location to which travelers rush is the complex of Karakol and Multinsky lakes. The water in them is so transparent that you can see the bottom at a depth of up to 10 meters.

Another great place to relax in Altai is Patmos Island. Since ancient times, its rocky coast, washed by the stormy waters of the mountain river Katun, is considered sacred. You can get to the island by walking along the suspension bridge. It is noteworthy that the atmosphere here is calmer in autumn than in the summer months. The main object that those who come to Patmos seek to see is the wooden church of St. John the Evangelist. Here you can also see the holy face, which was carved by a nun in the old days.

The real pearl of the Altai Territory is the Teletskoye Lake. It ranks second in terms of fresh water volume after Lake Baikal. Boats run along the lake, using which you can get to the Love Island with waterfalls and Stone Bay. There is a wide variety of tourist centers and hotels on the shores of the lake.

The selection is completed by the ancient Lake Baikal, which tourists from all over the world come to see. This place is beautiful and versatile. On the shores of the lake you can go hunting, fishing, gathering up the gifts of nature, ride an ATV or horseback. There is also a hot spring and "Wookie Park" - a favorite place for family holidays on Lake Baikal.

There are also many cultural and historical sights here. This is the Baikal Museum, St. Nicholas Church. You should definitely see the reserved rock Shaman-stone, as well as visit the largest island and place of power - Olkhon.

A huge number of eco-trails run along the lake, a walk along which promises a lot of unforgettable impressions and exclusive photos.

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