TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 4

TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 4 One of the most picturesque corners of Russia is the Republic of Adygea - a favorite place for fans of active tourism. Many of the parts of mountainous Adygea are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is here that a huge number of waterfalls, caves, rocks, rivers, coniferous forests and spacious green lawns are located. Therefore, autumn is the best way to visit Adygea.

In addition to walks and photo sessions, you can go rafting, hang gliding, rock climbing, canyoning, trekking.

For those who have never been on a hike, simpler routes are suitable. Such as, for example, the Belorechensky canyon. You can quickly get to it, and the views that will open during the trip are simply breathtaking.

Another popular destination for autumn tourism is Stanitsa Dakhovskaya. There are modern hotels here, surrounded by stunning nature and a lot of attractions. It is here that one of the most popular locations in the Republic is located - the Devil's Finger rock. On the way to the highest point of the mountain, travelers will find an ancient bridge, relict forests and mystical grottoes with caves.

If you want to get up the mountain faster, there is a cable car at the foot. From the cabin on the way up, amazing panoramas of the surroundings open from a height of more than 1 km.

Another recommended place is Dakhovskaya Cave. Here were found the sites of ancient people, as well as the skeleton of a cave lion.

The next area that may be of interest to lovers of autumn travel is the Caucasian ski resort of Arkhyz. The complex is open all year round, including autumn. This location is often called the "land of a thousand lakes" and this is no coincidence. There is indeed a huge number of reservoirs of different sizes, the water in which has a bright blue hue. The largest waterfalls of the Caucasus - Sophia waterfalls - are also located here. Ancient glaciers feed them.

Also in Arkhyz you can visit a rope park, an equestrian center and a cable car, as well as walk along eco trails. It also offers amazing opportunities for rafting, jeeping, trekking.

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