The search for Nessie, travel in dog sleds and hunting for whales. Things to do in Chukotka

The search for Nessie, travel in dog sleds and hunting for whales. Things to do in Chukotka In Chukotka people Wake up first. This is the only part of the Russian Federation, which is located on the Western and Eastern hemisphere. And yet there is a place in Russia the greatest concentration of storms. This Cape Navarin.
The weather here is changeable. Because the local landscapes create a separate microclimate every 100 km It is necessary to consider, booking tickets of air, water or vehicles. Weather variability has taught the local population to live here and now and not postpone things for later. Because no one knows when nature will again be supportive.
In the capital of Chukotka is the largest statue of St. Nicholas in the world. Saint is depicted with raised up hands. It seems that the next moment he will hold you in his arms. There is also another record the construction of the Trinity Cathedral, the largest Orthodox temple in the land of permafrost.
On Chukotka there is the most Northern city of Russia – Pevek. Here is the Federal the port of the Northern sea route. I wonder what there were shooting the famous detective "Territory", based on the novel by Oleg Kuvaev.
In this region there are hot springs. And one of the local fisheries – whaling. This activity is for the brave and desperate. Because if you make the slightest mistake it may cost the life of the whole team.
One of the most mystical locations – a lake Elgygytgyn. The reservoir has the shape of almost perfect circle. Because it was formed from the crater of the fallen meteorite. The townsfolk say that there were Bigfoot. Scientists are studying this place and climatic history of our planet.
One of the features of this region – the lack of railway communication and remoteness from roads, which are only about settlements. One of the possibilities of movement is the winter road. In the summer to distant corners of the reserves and get on the ships with air cushion. Many tourists prefer to travel by ATVs. But there is such a romantic and fun as trips to the deer, Snowmobiling and dog sledding.

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