Beaches, monuments, myths about the ancient gods. Things to do in Cyprus

Beaches, monuments, myths about the ancient gods. Things to do in Cyprus The beaches in Cyprus are public, so entrance is free. However, additional facilities such as loungers or umbrellas will have to pay 3 to 7 euros.

One of the largest resorts on the island – Limassol. Here having a good holiday and families with young children and youth. The city has many Nightclubs and entertainment venues, there are water parks and rides for younger travelers.

Furthermore, Limassol is a kind of an international resort. It is very convenient for tourists from Russia, because it is common to hear native speech.

Will become memorable tour in ancient city of Kourion. Once it was the whole state. Today on its territory lies the archaeological complex, which is considered one of the most popular attractions of Limassol.

Quieter and less expensive resort Cyprus – Protaras. Here mostly prefer to come with young children. The city has many wide beaches and picturesque bays. While the apartments are relatively inexpensive. Also from here in just 15 minutes you can reach the most youth resort on the island – Ayia NAPA – budget version of Ibiza.

Resting in Cyprus it is possible to see the city, where according to legend, she was born Aphrodite. It is the pathos, where now rest wealthy tourists. The Bay of Aphrodite, where according to legend the goddess of love and beauty came ashore from the sea foam is one of the most mystical and beautiful places on the island. According to legend, women who bathed in the waters of this Bay, gain eternal youth.

A little to the West of Paphos you can see the complex of Royal tombs, which is listed in the register of world heritage of UNESCO.

A meeting with ancient monuments promises and the Cypriot resort of Larnaca. Guests of this city will certainly need to see the ancient city of Kition, the ruins of which date back to the XIII century BC. In addition to the ancient ruins in Paphos, you can spend time shopping. The city has many shopping streets with fashion boutiques.
Fans of Souvenirs from Larnaca can result in ceramic containers Hand Made and silver jewelry linen and lace.

Another place that attracts tourists from different countries Kalopanayiotis – a tiny village among the mountains, with the colorful culture and the ancient monastery of St. John Lampadistis. Here is a healing source of hydrogen sulphide.

For those who like to learn the secrets of the underwater world, you should know that in the South of Cyprus, near Protaras resort divers recently discovered a sunken ship full of amphorae. The discovery is still being investigated, but maybe soon on the site of the ancient shipwreck will be organised diving excursions.

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