The flight attendant told what time of day are less at risk of falling into a zone of turbulence

The flight attendant told what time of day are less at risk of falling into a zone of turbulence One of the American stewardesses Stella Connolly, who has worked for many years on the Board, said, why fly in the morning better. She explained that the early morning flights are carried out in a timely manner. Because the detention at least one morning flight entails a chain reaction, and all subsequent flights will also be delayed. In proof of his words the woman gave the statistics of popular analytical website shows that the average delay morning departures is eight minutes, while as an evening flight delayed already at 21 minutes.
Another reason is better to fly in the morning – less risk of getting the vessel into the zone of turbulence. National laboratory of severe storms noted that the second half of the day, most often accompanied by thunderstorms, causing distortion and turbulent air movement.
It is also believed that in the early flights out of more rested crew. And the cabin is thoroughly cleaned.
Connolly said that during the peak period of passing tourist traffic, the flights are usually less comfortable. The complete cabin crew always results in more tension.
According to statistics, 90% of flights with departure at 07:00-07:59 am implemented in a timely manner. Less accurate are the departures from 08:00 to 08:59 (delayed about 11.4% of the flights). For flights 09:00-09-50 morning, this parameter increased to 12.4%. All the more at risk not to leave on time, passengers who buy tickets for the 20:00-22:00 PM.
Interestingly, one of the recent polls travelling on their relation to night flights, has revealed that more than 50% of respondents hate flying in later in the day. Among the reasons for this negative attitude, the inability to sleep comfortably in the airplane seat, bad impact on overall health, as well as additional spending on a taxi to the airport or transfer to the hotel.

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