List of European countries with the cleanest waters

List of European countries with the cleanest waters In the ranking of the cleanest water bodies with the highest quality water for bathing was the leader of Cyprus. If you believe the annual report EEA, 99.1% of the bathing areas of this country do not contain water polluting and harmful to the human body impurities. Just a year ago, the Agency conducted monitoring of water bodies for compliance with strict sanitary standards. The sample included not only the seawater samples, but also samples from lakes and rivers.
Among other leading countries, where you can really improve your health on holiday – Malta, with 98,95% completely safe bathing beaches, Austria (97.3 percent), coast of Greece (97%), Croatian coast (94.4 per cent), the waters (92,9%), the beaches of Germany (92,7%).
All of the registered sites for swimming in these countries comply with international standards.
It is worth noting the countries where water for bathing is low quality. It Italy (only 1.6%, or 89 of beaches can be considered clean), France (1.6 percent or 54 of the beach), Spain (2,2% – 50 beaches). In addition, over the last couple years on the Italian and Spanish coast there was an increase of locations with poor water quality.
The lowest indicator of clean water bodies have countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland.
EEA concluded that the measures in the wastewater treatment conducted in the EU have a positive effect. After all, today the majority of residents and visitors to European countries can relax on the beaches with high water quality. But experts remain confident that the struggle should be continued. In particular, we are talking about water pollution with plastic waste, which today are a direct threat to underwater inhabitants and vegetation.

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