Scientists told about the health risks associated with prolonged air travel

Scientists told about the health risks associated with prolonged air travel Every year in different countries of the world scientists are conducting studies to determine the effects of the many hours of flight on the human body. It should be noted that the findings are not positive: the risk of worsening state of health is very high.
The most dangerous factor that is present at an altitude of 10 thousand meters are the pressure drops. While the plane climbs, passengers may feel discomfort in the ears and intestines. By reducing the vessel, a strong pressure is exerted on the eardrum, sinuses. It causes is quite painful. At low humidity levels on Board, these inconveniences also added dry skin, throat irritation, coughing and sneezing.
However, even these negative symptoms are not comparable with the results of low activity. Long flight, health is under threat. After a long sitting position becomes the reason of impaired blood flow, edema, thrombosis. Thus at risk are mainly the passengers of economy class. Some experts argue that symptoms of the disease may develop even a few weeks after the flight.
Among other dangers, long journeys by plane – the lowered immunity, which occurs due to the jet lag and disturbances of internal biological rhythms. This fact becomes the reason of infection a variety of infections. In this case, the source of the inflammatory process can become even internal flora of the body. Not to mention the high concentration of viruses and bacteria in the cabin of the aircraft. For example, influenza can be transmitted even if the patient sits a few seats.
To prevent unpleasant consequences, the physicians are advised to use compression stockings and occasionally stretch their legs, pacing the salon, and drink more water (clean, non-carbonated water).

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