Five reasons to go to Portugal in the summer of 2019. Music, cooking and the secret ingredient

Five reasons to go to Portugal in the summer of 2019. Music, cooking and the secret ingredient For those looking for the perfect combination of rest from the bustle of the city, picturesque views and culture, you should definitely go to a country bordering the shores of the Atlantic ocean. The experts identified five reasons pointing to the fact that Portugal is the perfect place to relax in summer 2019.
1. Famous home-cooked meals which the Portuguese gladly share with their guests. Sardine barbecue, steak on a Portuguese soup of cabbage, potatoes and sausages chorizo – Caldo Verde, baked beans with dried meat and a special variety of garlic, dessert Pastel de Nata and more. Each Portuguese recipe – cooking secrets passed on from grandmother or mother. Therefore, regardless of whether you came to a fancy restaurant or budget tavern – everywhere you can feel the mood of the Iberian Peninsula.
2. Gorgeous summer weather. In Portugal cloudless to 2500 hours per year. So velvety tan will be provided, regardless of where to relax – in the Marinha beach in Algarve or on the slopes of Lisbon.
3. Fine beaches and clean sea. For tourists it is possible to go in for all kinds of marine recreation – surfing, diving, etc. On the beach of Arrifana, surrounded by cliffs often are going to fans to ride on the crest of a wave. And the beach of Santa Cruz annually welcomes guests of the international festival of beach sports (surfing, kayaking, skating on shallow water, bodysurfing, etc.). And Portugal is the ideal place for families wishing to see marine mammals – whales and dolphins. Madeira's most popular activities is canyoning and scuba diving with sharks.
4. Unique nature, which opens the breathtaking scenery to those who travel through the mountains and forests, exploring caves and even just sunbathing on the beach. Amazing Hiking trails you can go to Alentejo. And if we talk about the region, the centre – there are several amazing locations for lovers of Speleology.
5. And, of course, impossible to imagine Portugal without her special, colorful music. Each year it hosts numerous music festivals.
In the summer of 2019 from the North to the South of the country is planned to hold international cultural events, historical festivals, which will be attended by the big cities, and tiny settlements.

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