So different and so unusual: the most amazing places in Russia

So different and so unusual: the most amazing places in Russia One of the most popular destinations of the summer and autumn seasons was Karelia. Tourists are attracted by the purest lakes and air, untouched nature, mountains, unique atmosphere. This year, the route of the polar expedition on the ship "Peter the First" was laid through Karelia, which can be visited as part of an organized excursion. At the same time, the cost of such a trip will be much cheaper abroad, and impressions will come out no less.

Another center of domestic tourism was the Murmansk region. Thousands of visitors come here every year to see the aurora. You don't have to wait for winter to enjoy a unique natural phenomenon. The earliest radiance can be seen in mid-August, at the latest in late April. The Murmansk region is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure, proximity to the European part of the country and favorable weather conditions. Guests will find a real winter fairy tale: reindeer, a trip to the husky, familiarity with the unique ethnicity of the Arctic.

Speaking of the best places to travel, it is impossible not to mention Crimea. Among the tourist attractions can be distinguished: two seas, 900 fantastic caves, 15 waterfalls, some of which are superior to Niagara, more than 11,000 historical and cultural monuments. Despite the fact that the beaches will not open soon, at any time of the year you can watch incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets, walk along the picturesque shores and parks, visit numerous attractions. Even outside the season, the tourist demand for the Crimean direction remains unprecedented.

Sochi is all that a true traveler needs: nature, mountains and sea. Fans of active tourism will find a job here at any time of the year. Here you can ski, walk on beautiful routes and beaches, look at waterfalls. Since the ski season has not got the best start due to the weather, now holidaymakers are offered various discounts and bonuses.

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