From America to China: how to travel the world without getting up from the couch

From America to China: how to travel the world without getting up from the couch Visit the museum in a way never before did, offer various virtual services. Through the screen of the phone or computer, you can view from different angles any sights and move freely around the halls. In just a couple of minutes from the Sistine Chapel from the Vatican you can move to the Hermitage of St. Petersburg.

No less exciting will be virtual walks through the streets of the most interesting cities. Cameras located around the world allow you to move from one corner of the planet to another in a matter of seconds. At the same time, interesting information will be collected about each place, and the price of such a trip - absolutely free.

Some tours even offer to go back in time and see the rich history of modern metropolises. Computer graphics, archival data, old photos - together all this allows you to recreate a unique historical picture and conduct fascinating and informative journeys on the most interesting routes.

Another popular service - also virtual walks in different cities of the world, but only with a real guide. The price of the innovation is between 5-10 euros. Such excursions are either ordered individually or are carried out according to the established schedule.

An interesting project on video tours allows you to see different countries of the world through the eyes of a foreign tourist. Such tours are already recorded videos in which foreign guests during their travels share their impressions and opinions.

Recent advances in technology actively contribute to the development of virtual tourism. Proof of this is a fairly popular type of online travel using drones with video cameras. The technique allows you to see the beautiful scenery and get acquainted with the best sights of the chosen place. A bird's-eye view offers the best views.

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